Virginia Wide Receiver Has All Of The Tools

When putting together the pieces of a complete football game, one essential aspect is having a wide receiver that is not only fast, but that can mug someone else for the ball when necessary. Nebraska has eyeballed a young man from the East Coast that fits the bill perfectly. Read on to find out more about this promising young athlete.

Chris Bell is soft spoken, well-mannered and a joy to talk to, but what he offers in the way of conversation is matched with what he can do on the field and then some.  Bell stands 6' 4", weighs in at 206 pounds and torches the track with a 4.4 40 yard dash.  The 2004 All-District, All-Region and All-State prospect benches 280 pounds, squats 325 and holds offers from Maryland, UVA, Virginia Tech, UNC, Nebraska, Florida State and LSU.  He mentions that USC's interest has started to pick up in recent weeks as well.  He will be attending the U.S. Army Combine this weekend and also plans to camp out at Penn State.  He cites his strengths as his size, speed and physical ability once he's going through his route.

Growing up, Bell was never a fan of any particular program or school; in fact, he never really paid much attention to the sport outside of his own training and career.  "I just recently started watching college and NFL at the end of last season," he said.  That aside, Bell offers all of the schools interested in him a good mix of power, speed and agility.  These attributes would make him perfect for, say, the West Coast Offense. 

One such school implementing the use of this popular offensive idea is Nebraska and, naturally, the Cornhuskers are looking for a few good men.  Preferably ones who can turn turf into flames with their speed, if possible.  The Cornhuskers have begun the process of recruiting Bell and he's heard mostly from the Big Red's secondary specialist.  "I have more verbal contact with Coach Elmassian at school.  They just talk to me verbally over the phone.   (He asks me) can I see himself being a Cornhusker, am I considering being a Cornhusker, that sort of thing," said Bell.  So, just what is his answer to those queries?  "I can see myself playing for them," he said.

As far as some of the big factors that stand out on Chris' checklist, he just wants a place to fit in and gain a quality education.  "I'm not trying to go in and start but I would like to get some game time.  As far as my parents are concerned, I don't want to go too far away because I do want my parents to at least come to my home games.  The school has to have a great education," said Bell who looks to study business management and mass communications.  Chris would like to start his own chain of businesses once he completes his football career.

When looking at how he wants to tackle making visits to possible schools, Bell is taking a rather gentlemanly and somewhat unique approach to the situation.  "Right now, just because every school offered me, I plan on visiting them at least once to show them my gratitude and the respect I have for them at least giving me offers," said Bell.  Chris' kindness and positive attitude is just the thing for any program across the country, so what does he think of the Cornhuskers in general?  "They tell me they have one of the best educations and one of the best graduating classes for black males.  The football team is good and I love football so that will factor in," he said.

We'll be sure to hook up with Chris as much as possible between now and Signing Day 2006!

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