Florida OL making plans to see Lincoln

Nebraska is making it a point to recruit areas that traditionally turn out the top college football talent. That means getting into states like California, Texas and Florida are critical. Last year, the Huskers hosted Harrison Beck who ended up committing to Nebraska, could this player follow in his footsteps?

People will need to remember the name Jim Barrie, especially if you plan on being in Lincoln next weekend for the spring game. While there plans to be quite a few visitors there that weekend, most will not be as physically large as Barrie.

Barrie comes in at 6-foot-6 and just a shade under 300 pounds. The standout from Tampa (Flor.) Berkely Prep is being touted to protect the blindside of the quarterback in college, but right now he is just ready to protect the one at Berkely Prep.

"We start to practice at the end of April. I don't think that we are in pads until May 4th or something like that," Barrie said.

"We've been working out as a team. It's been going really well. It's really organized this year and I think that will definitely benefit our team. It hasn't been like this ever."

While things appear to be looking good for Barrie and his team this fall, things are already looking good in recruiting for Barrie. He is up to five offers, taking in some unofficial trips and it seems that more offers may be on the way.

"I have five; Auburn, Nebraska, Duke, Iowa State and Pittsburgh. Pitt was the last team to offer me."

Barrie is making the unofficial visit rounds. "I went to Georgia this weekend actually. That was cool. I spoke with the coaches, but I am not sure how the offer thing is going though. I'm sure they are thinking about it. I went to Florida before that and I go to Nebraska next weekend."

Coming from a spring game at one school then to go to Nebraska's might work into the Cornhusker's favor. Last year there were over 61,000 fans in attendance. So what does Barrie know about Nebraska's spring game?

"I hear it's going to be sold out. That is what Coach Elmassian was telling me. He sounded really excited about it. I know they have top-notch facilities so I want to see that. I definitely want to get to know all of the coaches."

Besides the spring game, is there something that Barrie is looking for in the school, the town or the area when he comes to Nebraska? "I don't know I'll just have to see it when I get there. I know that it gets cold, real cold, some times. Coach Elmassian promised me that it's not that cold."

"Coach Elmassian is recruiting me from Nebraska. I've talked with him a bunch of times. I know those guys pretty well now. I would have to say I still know the Florida coaches best because I got to meet them, but when I get to Nebraska I will get that chance."

Barrie isn't just forming a relationship with Coach Elmassian at Nebraska. Instead, he has spoke to at least three of their coaches including his prospective offensive line and head coach.

"I have spoke to Coach Wagner one or two times and I spoke with Coach Callahan once. It was great. I was pumped up. It was awesome. He was just telling me how he thinks I would do in their program."

While Barrie has been holding the Nebraska offer for a little while, he can't help but look back at the day he received it and recall his surprise.

"I was actually pretty surprised myself by the offer. I spoke with Coach Elmassian before he saw my film and I remember that he said that he would let me talk to Coach Wagner and tell you what to work on or we will offer you if you're good enough. Turned out good."

Nebraska is in hot pursuit of Barrie who gets a glowing review of their recruiting effort thus far. "I get a lot of mail from them. They're good, I must say. They send me a lot of hand-written letters and stuff, big packages. I've gotten in one package like 13 hand-written letters. They're in separate envelopes in the big envelope. I think that I have got one from almost every coach. I got one today in fact from five or six coaches."

The attention that those packages get from Barrie indicates that they are making the right impression. "It's great. They know that you are there and you know that they want you."

"I think Nebraska and Florida are doing the best job of recruiting me. I am getting a bunch of hand-written letters from a lot of other schools. They do a good job, both of them. They stand out the most."

While Husker fans are just excited to know that Barrie will be in the stands, will the flight and the reminder of the distance that he has to travel from home to Lincoln be a hurdle that he will need to cross? "It's there, but it's not huge; if I fall in love with Nebraska that is where I am going to go. It all depends on how I feel."

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