Taylor makes statement in saturday scrimmage

The battle has heated up and the conversations around coffee shops is about Zac Taylor and Joe Dailey and just who out of those two could be the man come the home-opener. Well, Zac Taylor put his message out there in NU's first full live scrimmage, where even the quarterbacks were targets for the defense.

Taylor has been steadily increasing his stock as spring practices continue in his continuing effort to try and attain that number one spot.

He might have succeeded today.

In easily his most work, Taylor reeled off his best performance, at one point completing eight passes in a row, throwing touchdowns to Dane Todd, Isaiah Fluellen and Cory Ross for 2 yards, 31 yards and 30 yards, respectively.

Receiving an estimated 75 percent of the reps under center, Taylor got ample to show what he could do and head coach, Bill Callahan acknowledged the progress he's made. "He's really progressing well and I think today was a major step in his progress," he said. "I see some real positive attributes in his play."

"The number one thing that sticks out in my mind is his calmness, his demeanor and his poise. The way he manages the offense after a bad play - he pops up, he's real positive, he gets back in the huddle and encourages guys to move on."

Because this was a live scrimmage, Taylor was doing all of his work under duress, Zac at one point being sacked two times in a row. It was that almost consistent pressure on the quarterbacks that made Taylor's performance that much more significant. Callahan commented on the poise Taylor showed, especially in some of the situations he was in. "This wasn't after he was handing off the ball," Callahan said of Taylor rebounding after a bad play. "This was after his head has been splattered on the floor."

"So, this is a guy that has remarkable poise and I am really proud of his efforts today."

Regardless of Taylor's performance and the obvious disparity in reps, Callahan refused to concede a leader at the position right now. "I would say that we are still in the heat of competition," he said. "We are trying to create separation with our competition, but by no means is this an indication of naming a starter."

"We are not even there at that point."

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