Seattle's Mays Is Tuning Up

Being a top recruit across the country isn't an easy feat. Not only do you have to out-perform hundreds of other applicants for the title, but you've got to maintain the excellence. Taylor Mays will easily be referred to as one of the top "gets" for any recruiting class, so what has he been up to this off-season and what sort of look is he getting from Nebraska?

With his junior campaign far behind him, Taylor Mays is focused on two things at this point.  "Track primarily, track and school," he said.  Mays runs the 100 and 200-yard dash amongst other events for O'Dea High School in Seattle.  Mays reports that things have been humming along nicely with his off-season regimen.  "It's been going well. We had our first track meet last Thursday and it was alright.  We lift either before or after track practice and we still do our position specific drills," said Mays.

Taylor also feels that with the off-season, he has been able to improve his overall ability, something that will making opposing coordinators sweat a little more under the collar.  "I feel a lot faster. I gained some weight, some big muscle weight so I've made a big improvement.  It's hard for me to set strength goals, I think if I just work my hardest then everything will work out," said Mays. 

Recently, the Tennessee Volunteers and Miami Hurricanes added their offers to his already impressive list.  Mays reports offers from California, Michigan, Nebraska, Notre Dame, USC, Washington and LSU amongst others.  He's also starting to put together some travel ideas though he admits that nothing is in concrete just yet.  "I might go to U-Dub (Washington) a lot since it's close my house but there's not any visits planned.  We went down to see California and Stanford a couple weeks ago," he said.  What did Mays think of his trip down to see the Bears and Cardinal?  "It was good, it was nice weather and I like both schools and campuses.  I might check out a school in the Midwest.  I'll probably look at Michigan or Notre Dame or both," he said.  Mays also said that he is definitely looking to visit Nebraska. 

Mays made mention to a practice Nebraska has been utilizing that seems to be a reoccurring pattern with players that they want and need badly.  Taylor says that just about every week, he receives a package with handwritten letters from the entire Nebraska coaching staff.  A nice touch that appears to impress recruits such as Taylor and making sure they feel wanted by the Big Red.  Taylor admits that, in the end, he'll probably go to a school that, much like Nebraska, is "big time".  "The reason I'm interested in Nebraska is I like big football programs, I want to play early at a big football program.  The fan base at Nebraska is second to none, that's what makes me seriously look at Nebraska.  Nebraska's a school I could consider myself going to without even checking it out," he said.

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