NU Chases After Talented California Receiver

Since being offered by Nebraska a few months back, Leemore High School prospect David Ausberry is starting to turn even more heads. What has the highly-coveted football sensation been up to and how has he been occupying himself since his junior season has concluded? Also, where does he stand as far as any favorites go?

Nebraska wants David Ausberry, that's no secret as the Cornhuskers were the very first to offer the 6' 4" 215-pound wide receiver out of Lemoore, California.  Since the initial offer came, Ausberry has been starting to take in the recruiting process and has begun to examine schools for what they are worth.  In the meantime, he's been working on keeping himself in shape and building himself into a better football player for the coming fall.  "(I've been) working out and running track," he said.  David runs the 200 meter dash and does the long jump amongst other events for Lemoore High.  David says that he's been working on his speed and strength primarily during this off-season.  "It's basically to get better overall.  I want to be at 220 before I get to summer camp," he said.  Ausberry sits at 212 pounds currently. 

Recently, Ole Miss has come forward with an offer to David.  No doubt the Rebels are looking to build up their ranks of wide receivers much like the Cornhuskers.  As far as the visits David has been taking, he's been enjoying some local flavor.  "I'll be at USC a lot but I don't know that it'll be an official, I went there today to watch the spring practice.  I'm hoping to maybe get to a Florida school," said Ausberry.  David also noted that he most definitely is going to try to get out and see Lincoln, Nebraska.  David said that while he does want to get out to Lincoln, a summer-time or possibly fall visit looks most likely at this point.  Ausberry reports that while he is getting quite a bit of correspondence from Nebraska amongst other schools, communication with colleges has been difficult as of late.  "I get a lot of mail but I don't really have a lot of chance to call everybody because of sports," he said.

When asked about the possibility of favorites or even ranking interest, Ausberry wants to make it clear that he's ruling nobody out this early.  "I'd say I have every college high because college is an opportunity that everyone doesn't get and I want to take advantage of mine," he said.  Coach Dennis Wagner has had the opportunity to get to know David and allowing the receiver to learn more about the University of Nebraska.  So what do the two get to talk about?  "We talk about getting better, my work ethic and how their program is rebuilding.  He's a real cool guy.  I like how he approached me, he's really nice and told me what I need to hear and told me what he wanted to get across," said Ausberry.

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