Vegas CB/WR getting Nebraska's attention

There was a late run on athletes that could play either side of the ball at multiple positions last year for Nebraska. Their versatility allows Nebraska to bring them in and find out where they are best suited. But one thing is for sure, they are important to have and in a large quantity. Has Nebraska found another one in the desert of Nevada?

While many will put a certain television personality to the name, it's not the same person. This Chris Fowler is a standout player for Las Vegas (Nev.) Western who has the measureables to be a go-to wide receiver or a tall, athletic cornerback.

Fowler comes in at 6-foot-4 and 195 pounds currently. He carries about a 4.5/40 time and is a good student carrying a 3.3 GPA. "I'm in Texas on a college tour. We are in Houston," Fowler said. "We're visiting two or three schools."

"I play both wide receiver and cornerback. I prefer cornerback, but I like both positions. It's kind of hard to pick just one. I am being recruited more as a defensive back by colleges."

While Fowler may prefer defense he found himself playing solely on the offensive side of the ball last year. The move may not have played into his strengths, or built on a solid year that he had as a sophomore playing defense.

"Last year my stats were only 12 receptions for 145 yards and one touchdown. I didn't really play defense last year. I didn't win any offers last years, but my sophomore year I received honorable mention all-conference. My sophomore year I had at least five interceptions."

The change in positions wasn't something that Fowler initiated. If he would have had his way he would have been on the field all of the time. This year, things will be different according to Fowler.

"We got a new coach and he changed up everything. It was a decision by our coach to only play me on offense. I wanted to play both positions, because I did my sophomore year. When the new coach came he told me he didn't want me to play defense. He said that they needed me on offense. It was his first year coaching at our school. This year I will be playing on both sides."

While Fowler isn't holding any offers yet, it seems that the first could come at any time. He has over a dozen schools writing him fairly consistently and of those dozen or so schools there are some top-notch programs.

"I don't have any offers yet. I am getting mail from about 13 different schools. Oregon, Arizona State, Oklahoma State, Nebraska, Wisconsin and Colorado are sending me the most mail right now. Stanford has sent me about five letters and I am most interested in Stanford, Nebraska, and Oregon."

Nebraska seems to be the odd-man out in terms of distance in comparison to Stanford and Oregon, but Fowler won't let that be a factor in his decision. In fact, distance is easy to overlook when you get attention like he is getting from Nebraska.

"They keep in contact. They show that they care. I get a lot of hand-written letters and they say they are interested in me. I think that they have a good program."

It's tough for Fowler to choose one position over the other, but he didn't have any problems coming up with what are his strengths at either position. "I think my speed, height and my reading are my strengths playing defensive back. I would say my jab step, my speed and my height are my strengths at wide receiver."

Fowler intends to work on his speed and strength for next year. "I'm running track and I am trying to make myself a faster player. I am doing the long jump, high jump, triple jump and 4x400m. I run the anchor leg in the relay. I'm not sure of my time though. I am also going to be working on my strength too."

Last year Fowler was unable to take in any camps, but that will change this year with a visit to the Nike camp in California and a team camp. "I didn't go to any camps last year. I am going to the Nike camp in California at USC, I think. My team is going to a camp in Utah as well."

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