Ready to get to Lincoln

As the story goes for Husker fans anticipating the transfer of a heralded offensive lineman for the summer; there is a long wait followed by someone who hasn't worked on conditioning in a while. Will the Huskers have a repeat story with Brock Pasteur or will he be ready?

On paper, few of Nebraska's latest group of recruits look better than Brock Pasteur. We are talking about a 6-foot-7 and 315 pound Pasteur has a benchpress over 500 pounds and runs a sub-5.0 second 40-yard dash.

It's easy to see why a player like that is being anticipated by so many. How are things going for Pasteur at Mesabi Range and what are the plans about getting to Lincoln?

"It's going good. I can't wait to get out of here, matter of fact," Pasteur said. "I have to finish up with class, take my finals and I will be good to go. I should be in Lincoln in early June."

Besides being in Lincoln this June, how is the conditioning going? Has it been sacrificed in an effort to finish coursework?

"Actually I went out and ran 25 110 yard dashes today. I'm in pretty good condition right now. My strength went way up lately. I know I am good with that. I don't want to be lagging behind when I get there."

Since Pasteur has been staying up on his classes and in his conditioning has he been staying up with the coaches in Lincoln?

"Yes sir, I talk to Coach Downing and Coach Wagner. They are just checking up on me and making sure that everything is going smoothly. They are just making sure that I am keeping up with everything."

Besides classwork and conditioning, Pasteur has found the time to read about his Huskers and how they have looked so far this spring. "Oh yeah, I check out the reports. I heard Zac Taylor is doing pretty well and that they are looking good overall. I will be there for the spring game."

Since Pasteur will be in town this weekend for the game, Big Red Report will try and bring you a video interview with this highly anticipated recruit. Stay tuned!

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