Potter Takes In The Spring Game

Not only were some of the prospective recruits for the 2005-2006 cycle in attendance for Nebraska's Spring Game, but some of the 2004-2005 class was in attendance and getting a feel for their future teammates. Zach Potter was one such individual, so what did he think of the event and the show that was put on?

Zach Potter was sold on Nebraska a while back putting pen to paper and signing his letter of intent this past February.  With his future decided for the next few years, Potter showed up at this past weekend's Spring Game ready to meet and greet his future teammates and meet some of the potentials for the 2005-2006 class.  "I had a great time, I didn't get the chance to go last year, so going this year and seeing the people was cool," he said. 

Potter said that his favorite part of the whole experience was getting to know the young men he will be playing football with soon.  "(I was) hanging out with Harrison Beck, Craig Roark, Phillip Dillard, Marlon Lucky, Nick Covey, Jordan Congdon and Jacob Hickman.  We hung out with Josh Freeman, A.J. Wallace and Menelik Holt," he said.  Potter said that of the prospects he observed, it appeared that prospective quarterback Josh Freeman and A.J. Wallace from Maryland were two of the most interested individuals along with Omaha Central's D.J. Jones

So what did Potter think of his most recent Tunnel Walk experience?  "That's always good," he said.  "One time last year, I got to do it and doing it this year, knowing next time we do a tunnel walk we're going to be doing it against Maine, it's such an amazing experience," he said.  Potter was also pretty impressed that Nebraska was able to get so many alumni from the National Football League together for the event.  "It was pretty neat to get them all come back for a spring game and do their own tunnel walk," he said.  With the 2005 Spring Game behind him, the next time Zach Potter takes the field in front of such a throng will be with his teammates and you can tell in his voice that Zach is looking forward to that more with each passing day. 

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