A.J. Wallace Returns From Lincoln

The name A.J. Wallace is starting to become more and more familiar amongst Nebraska recruiting circles and across the nation in general. Wallace was in town for Nebraska's Red-White Spring Game and got to snag an early look at the 2005 Nebraska Cornhuskers. What did he think of the experience?

When A.J. Wallace stepped foot into Memorial Stadium this past Saturday, it's likely that neither he nor anyone else in attendance were anticipating the show that was about to unfold.  During a day that included NFL Cornhuskers, a Triplets Reunion, fireworks, a flyover and over 350 yards coming from current number one quarterback Zac Taylor, Wallace was impressed.  "Yeah it was very exciting," he said.  It turns out that someone must have kept the metaphorical memo in reference to Marlon Lucky and simply switched names when it comes to getting a prized recruit's attention, as well.  "There was a section in the crowd chanting my name," he said.  So what was A.J.'s favorite part of the whole shebang?  "Probably seeing the fans, people coming up to me and knowing who I was," said Wallace.

When A.J. was done with his trip and saying his goodbyes to the coaches, he mentioned that he was told there could be a few individuals who might pull the trigger a commit, but that none had at that time.  It appears the experience wasn't lost on many of the prized recruits visiting.  When A.J. was making his way to head back through the tunnel in preparation for Nebraska's Tunnel Walk, he enjoyed what he heard.  "That was when I heard my name," he said.  Wallace thought that show of appreciation was pretty cool, indeed.

Another aspect of the trip that A.J. took note of was seeing the slew of NFL Cornhuskers return to their alma mater.  That act really spoke to Wallace.  "It was exciting seeing all of the NFL players coming back and giving back to the community," he said.  After the game, Wallace took a look around Lincoln and said he enjoyed the atmosphere.  He also likes how a more city-like ambiance in Omaha is right up the interstate.  Next up for Wallace is the Elite Combine where he looks to fine tune his skills and prepare for the upcoming season.

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