Spring Game Visit Could Pay Big Dividends

One of Nebraska's primary wide receiver targets, Menelik Holt, visited Lincoln over this past weekend to take in the Cornhuskers' Red-White Scrimmage. What did the prized San Diego prospect think of the spectacle and record-setting Saturday that took place? Where did the experience put Nebraska on his favorites list?

Menelik Holt took some time to visit the University of Nebraska with future Cornhusker kicker Jordan Congdon and he was treated to a spectacle that very well may have surpassed the Cornhuskers' 2004 Spring Game by a wide margin.  "It was pretty shocking at first.  There were so many people there, people who asked for my autographs and who knew who I was.  It was crazy, I couldn't believe it," he said.  Holt was obviously impressed with not only the facilities and what Nebraska offers for the student athletes, but the fan base and the support of their team during a glorified scrimmage.  Holt's favorite aspect of the weekend was clearly the people.  "It was probably seeing all the kids who were interested and all the fans," he said. 

Holt took some time to hang out with his St. Augustine buddy in Congdon and met up with some other future Cornhuskers and prospect as well.  "I came with Jordan Congdon and I was just hanging out with a lot of players.  It was me Marlon (Lucky), Phillip Dillard and Josh Freeman," he said.  Holt had quite the conversation going with Freeman and the two deciding that if the other committed to Nebraska, the remaining individual would as well.  Holt mentioned that A.J. Wallace and Omaha Central's D.J. Jones appeared pretty interested in what the Cornhuskers had to offer as well.

The Tunnel Walk is always a spectacle to behold and this spring's version was no different.  Lined with over 20 NFL alumni, the players were greeted by the entire Husker Nation.  What did Holt think of the moment?  "It was pretty crazy.  As we were walking back, people were yelling everybody's name.  I definitely saw myself there and I've never worn red before, so it was new to me," he said.  So, the big question, did Menelik give Nebraska his commitment to be the newest Husker?  "I almost did, but it's a big decision and probably one of the most important in life," he said.  So what has to happen for Holt to make his decision?  "The coaches at Nebraska were amazing; I've never seen coaches that were that dedicated.  If I find coaches that are more dedicated then they are, then I might, but I don't think that's going to happen," he said.

Holt was quite taken aback by all of the NFL players and was even surprised to find out that one of the key components to the Green Bay Packers attended UNL.  "I completely forgot that Ahman Green went there," he said.  Holt also noticed Carlos Polk and Toniu Fonoti from his hometown Chargers.  Up next for Menelik, he plans to make a combine visit and improve himself for the coming season.  "I'm going to the Stanford combine, just going to keep working out hard and we're going to start our spring passing league pretty soon," he said.  So after a whirlwind weekend, where does the experience place the Cornhuskers on his favorites list?  "Number one and I think it's a clear cut number one as of right now," he said.

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