Pasteur back from spring game, ready to play

As a future Husker, the spring game was probably going to be more anticlimactic than it would to those that have never seen or experienced something like that before. Been there, done that, that sort of mentality was probably going to be the norm for someone that is arriving as a Husker in just a few months. Don't tell that to Brock Pasteur, though, because whether he's seen or done that before, this was as he said a one-off experience to remember.

Slated to arrive in early June, offensive lineman Brock Pasteur has been through the recruiting process at Nebraska, hence, he's seen all the dog and pony shows that the school has to offer.

The crowd, the tunnelwalk, the chants of his name, it all should have been old hat to the soon-to-be Husker.

That's probably why it was even more amazing as for Pasteur, this was one to remember. "It was awesome," Pasteur said of his experience at the 2005 red/white game. "I had a lot of fun down there."

"The game, though, that was something, because Zac, man, he was really showing out."

Brock isn't the first one to comment on Nebraska's new number one QB and his stellar day, Taylor going off, completing 20 of his 27 passes for 357 yards and 3 touchdowns with no interceptions and oh yeah, that was all in the first half.

When you are a tackle, looking at the prospect of blocking for a certain QB, it's nice to know that the QB is the real deal. It also doesn't hurt when you see that the offensive line protecting him is still ripe with opportunities. While Pasteur said that he thought the O-line did a good job, he went onto say that there does seem to be a realistic opportunity for him to get in there right away. "I see where I could fit in and some opportunities, but that's all on me to make that happen."

"I know that no matter what, I am going to have to make sure I keep working and just plan on working harder once I am there, so that I can earn my spot on the field."

The fact that Brock was recruited from junior college, that is an admission of sorts from the coaching staff that immediate help is needed. And, Pasteur plans on being one of those that is able to fill a needed spot, possibly on the two-deep, but hopefully as a starter.

There's a few months between now and then, though, and Husker fans think of linemen that have come from the junior college ranks lately and the fact that none in recent memory have been able to contribute early, mostly because of one thing.

Shape or the lack of being it, I should say, both Cornealius Thomas and Darren DeLone admittedly coming in, in not necessarily the best condition. Pasteur isn't worried about that one bit, because he's already taken to heart the program that strength and conditioning coach Dave Kennedy offered up for the months until his arrival.

"I love it," Brock said of the program. "It's fun and it's fun, because it's intense. That's what I like. The reps, the weights, it's all good. We can't do here what they do there, because we don't have the facilities Nebraska does, but I am getting the most out of what's here for sure."

"It's a hardcore workout."

Being in shape is one thing and there's few if any that would say they can't get in any better shape. But, strength is another thing, because, believe it or not, some might ask just how strong do you need to be. For the offensive line position, there's possibly no limit as the stronger you, the more effective you can be at the point of impact. Well, Pasteur has got that covered.

Benching a reported 550 pounds and squatting 20 pounds short of 700, this mountain is muscle-bound as well. However, Brock is still thinking more. "You can't be strong enough to play the line," he said. "You don't want to sacrifice quickness and speed, but the stronger you are, the better you can usually do your job."

Pasteur doesn't even know where he's going to do that job, Wagner stating that wherever he's the best, that's where he'll be. The obvious assumption, though, is outside.

Wherever it is, Brock can't wait to get there, because the spring game did something for him that he's now actually regretting a bit, it made him want to play. The tunnelwalk, the crowd, the noise, that's just part of why he said he chose Nebraska, but what is nothing more than a glorified scrimmage brought it even closer to home.

He's ready to go.

"Man, hearing that and being there, I wanted to suit up and get out there right now," he said. "You look around and that's why you go to Nebraska. The fans, man, they are just crazy, the atmosphere is ridiculous and all you can think about is getting out there, running out of that tunnel, but with the pads on instead."

"I can't wait. I know there's a lot of work ahead of me and I have to earn everything I get, but I can't wait to get there and work my way up."

"It's going to be a blast."

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