Spring Game Q & A with Josh Freeman

He's probably one of the hottest names for those that follow Nebraska recruiting. Fitting the stereotype of the pro-style QB and potentially one of the best ones in the country, Husker fans are salivating about the potential of this standout becomning a future Huskers. Well, Freeman was at yet another game, a spring game this time and in this Q & A with Josh, we talked about just how close he is to a decision and if Nebraska has taken over the lead in his recruiting.

What was your experience like at Nebraska?

"It was a lot of fun. I just kind of went up there and enjoyed myself. I happen to meet Marlon Lucky and some other top recruits from 2005 and a couple from 2006. I had a real good time."

Obviously, the passing game was of particular interest to you. You got to see junior college transfer Zac Taylor throw 20 out of 27 for 357 yards, three touchdowns. You wanted to see what they would do this year versus last year, didn't you?

"Yeah, I was looking forward to seeing how he (Zac) came in his first year and he just came in and played. They got a pretty good starter in Joe Dailey and he (Taylor) got the top of the depth chart."

"That was really encouraging to me , knowing that they play the best player and not just the guy that's been there longer."

Nebraska fans saw pictures of you wearing a Nebraska hat. Did you pick that up on the way into the stadium?

"No, I have had that since last summer."

You have seen so much of Nebraska over the year. What were you looking for in particular from this game?

"It was a spring game and they had 64,000. You know in Nebraska, that's what they have. They have the Huskers and it's always going to be a big deal, it's always going to sell out."

"It's going to be nice to know that every home game, you are going to be playing with a sellout crowd behind you."

Were you particularly interested in the offense and how the receivers were doing, because last year? The passing game didn't really work the way they wanted it to.

"Yeah, it was nice to see them having such good success. They have always had the system. They (the coaches) said they didn't change anything in the system. They just found someone that can run the system."

"Jay Norvell said it's going to take a little while for them to get the personnel they need in, because they still have some guys that weren't really recruited for the west coast system."

"He said they are making good adjustments now."

You have become so familiar with them, when you go to a game, what do you watch? Has it gotten to the point where you are going just to watch the game itself?

"Well, this last spring game, we watched for probably five minutes and then we were just hanging out talking and messing around. It's like Lucky, Zach Potter and Menalik Holt.

Ok, Menalik Holt, he's a fellow recruit. Now, he's looking at Nebraska and has an offer as well, do you guys discuss amongst yourselves what it would like to go to the same school?

"Yeah, he told me that if I would commit, he would commit."

I know you have a lot of interest in Notre Dame and they just got a quarterback commit. Does that affect your decision or how much you look at Notre Dame right now?

"They said they are picking up two, so that really doesn't bother me at all."

Ok, the big question, where is Nebraska with you right now? Does the spring game change anything? Does it make you think any differently?

"Not really, but I have always liked Nebraska, so going to the spring game is not going to change my opinion a whole lot more. I am really leaning towards Nebraska right now."

You went to the quarterback camp last year. Are you going this year?

"Yeah, I am going."

"You threw the ball 64 yards last year. What are you going to throw this year?

"I don't know."

How is your team looking?

"I think we can win it all. We have the people. It's just a matter of getting people to play hard every week."

Ok, so you are leaning a little towards Nebraska, but have you decided at all as to when you would like to make your decision?

"Probably some time next month."

Give me a one through ten grade on the Nebraska trip.


You are leaving one open there? Nebraska fans are going to ask.

"Well, we went up at halftime to a little room and the yell-leaders wouldn't share their hot dogs with us."

Maybe you can shoot the wiener-gun next time.

"Maybe. Some of the other guys were doing that."

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