Beck will do what it takes to play

It seems like it's been a couple of years since Harrison Beck committed to Nebraska. Way back early in the recruiting process last year, though, that's when the Florida standout made his pledge to be a Husker. A lot has changed since then though, most recently the news of quarterback Joe Dailey leaving the team. Beck talked about that, how he looks at it and of course, the spring game, where he got to see possibly himself doing what Zac Taylor did on Saturday.

When you as a quarterback watch another quarterback on your future team go off for 20 out of 27 for 357 yards and 3 touchdowns, you're impressed. When you put yourself in their shoes, though, you go from impressed to downright eager to play.

Harrison Beck is always like that, though, throwing a ball even when there's no ball to throw. He's a quarterback through and through.

To watch the prolific attack of the Huskers, Beck could easily see himself doing that someday. "It makes you want to play," Beck said of the emotion surrounding the game. "You just want to go out there and get a touchdown yourself."

"I wanted to be the guy chucking that thing for fifty."

Beck will have his opportunities come this Fall to show what he can do. But, with the recent news of the impending departure of Joe Dailey, hope now turns for some into expectations.

It's not the hope that Beck can contribute, it's the expectation that he needs to.

Beck disagreed. "I know how fans are and how they get like that, but you know what, I know and they should know that the coaches are going to do the right thing here."

"I don't have any plans to do something other than what I planned to do and that is work my butt off, earn my way onto the field and if that means I am number two or number one, that's fine, because the coaches should know what they are doing."

The coaches sure knew what they were doing this last Saturday, putting on a show that was part contest, part showcase. Beck knew what it was going to be like going in, because remember, he's seen it before at the spring game last year.

"I know it's for the fans," Beck said. "Sure, you want to work on some things, but you've done that during practice. This game is like a way to show off what you've learned and show everyone what the offense looks like."

"Joe threw for four touchdowns last year, so I wasn't surprised at the kind of success they had this year."

Beck is right, of course. A game that is catered to be more window dressing than it is actual substance. The first team offense against the second team defense and a secondary that has been sorely depleted by losses due to injury or the NFL draft.

The table was set for success, but Beck also stated that regardless of how easy the game might appear, someone still has to complete the throw. "Zac did a great job," he said. "He threw the deep ball well and probably the best thing was, he made good decisions."

"In this kind of offense, you have to be thinking at all times and it looks like he does that well."

Over the past months, Harrison has had time to get to know this offense, that has been intimidating to the laymen, who understands little more about it than the fact that the QB runs more than he throws.

It's simpler to Beck, because while the terminology is different, like Zac Taylor, this scheme wears like a well-worn glove. "I've been running this thing my whole life," he said. "It gets a little more complex the more you get into it, but it's still the same thing."

Yet another reason that fans are expecting a lot out of Beck the moment he arrives and for some fans, even before. They will be happy to know that there isn't a part of Beck that doesn't want the starting spot, but he said his spot will start somewhere not on the field.

"People say this and that about what they expect from me or anyone else," he said. "You know what really matters first is being a leader and you start being a leader in the weight room. You start being a leader someplace other than the field."

"You work as hard as anyone else does. You don't cut reps or cheat on the weight. You start by working your butt off. That's what players respect and that is what ultimately makes you a leader."

"You just can't walk in and try and be a leader when nobody knows what you are about."

There's another misconception about Beck, in that he's got this reputation for being rather confident, bordering on flat out cocky. Beck's comfortable with the idea, only because he's heard it so much, but he knows that there's nothing farther from the truth.

"I know some think it's cocky, but do you want someone that comes in and say they don't want to start, that they don't want to win a title, that they don't want to achieve something even if they just got there?"

"I think fans want someone that lives, eats and breaths this stuff. Someone that just doesn't accept anything from themselves but the best. I don't think that's being cocky, I think that's the kind of player you have to be to win in big games."

The spring game wasn't a big game. Nope, it's the last practice of spring, the ultimate scrimmage, offering a brief look of the future to fans, some that might not be able to make a regular season game, because they have trouble finding tickets.

It's the finale' to the beginning of a long off-season that players, fans and future players have to endure.

They'll do it, though, because they are thinking about a hopeful rebound of the football program from a disaster of a season and with a new quarterback at the helm.

Will it be Taylor? Will it be Beck? Will it be someone else? If you ask Beck what he thinks, he'll regale you with thoughts surrounding the process of learning, how he's used his time at Nebraska this year to get as much of the plays learned as possible and how everyday in Florida is just another day he tries to better his game.

Ask him what he knows and Harrison will tell you something very simple, something that he hopes will be taken to heart by those fans that are possibly thinking too much about things they can't control.

He knows himself.

"When I get to Lincoln, I am going to be throwing the ball," he said. "I'll throw the ball a thousand times a day if I have to. And, I'll watch film until I have every thing in that book covered, over and over until it's like second nature."

"I am coming there and I am going to be the best quarterback I can be and do whatever I need to do. Does that mean I'll start? The coaches decide that and people need to trust them, but I know that there isn't going to be any question about what I am willing to do, because I'll do absolutely whatever it takes to win."

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