After spring game, Lucky ready to strap it on

You don't have to ask Marlon Lucky twice how he felt after watching the spring game. Heck, not even during. Ok, how about right after the tunnelwalk? From the second he arrived in Lincoln to right now in California, there's only one thing going through Marlon's mind. "I'm ready for some football!"

The spring game itself is a bit of a dog and pony show. An offense built for success against a defense depleted and not fully capable of stopping it, there's more glitz than substance in the annual Red/White game. It's a show, one meant to inspire fans, bring the onset of emotion and make people want, even beg for the next season to begin.

It worked…….like a charm. Just ask Marlon Lucky.

"I'm ready," Lucky exclaimed. "That whole experience there, man, I am ready to play some football."

Actually, it didn't take this game to kick that into gear as Lucky, like most players entering into division 1- A live to take snaps on the field.

However, the spring game sure didn't hurt.

"It was big," he said. "Man, it was so big. I have never experienced anything like that."

The experiences were many, whether it was the almost 64,00 fans in attendance, the almost patented tunnelwalk or meeting future teammates and some recruits as well. One of the things that stuck out for Lucky wasn't Huskers, rather former Huskers, some of Nebraska's best now playing in the NFL.

"Man, I wanted to meet them," Marlon said. "I met Tommie Frazier, but I wanted to meet Ahman most of all."

The NCAA doesn't allow that, of course, but it didn't stop Marlon from noticing something of Green far away that I got to see up close. "He's BIG," Marlon said. "I couldn't believe how big he was. I want to get like that, but in the NFL, not in college."

The whole experience was "big" for Lucky, from everything before, during and after. And, the fact that it was "Air Nebraska" didn't bother the future running back one bit. "Oh, I figured it was going to be a game where they kind of featured Zac," he said. "It seemed like that was the intent and Zac went crazy in the first half."

357 yards crazy, throwing 74 percent of his passes complete, 3 for scores, no interceptions and all in the first half. Lucky appreciated that more than most backs, because his skill at catching the ball, plus this offense utilizing running backs for that purpose as much as they have, this was all enough to make Lucky grin from ear to ear.

"I was like ‘throw me the ball'," Marlon said. "I watched that and said that's what I want right there. I am ready for that right now."

Running back coach Randy Jordan probably wouldn't have minded having Lucky out there, Cory Ross the only healthy starter Jordan had in his stable, walk-on Thomas Lawson and converted receiver Marque McCray having to fill the void. The loss of Brandon Jackson due to a shoulder injury might inspire some backs to think that this is an opportunity for them, but Lucky said that, that was the last thing he wanted.

"I want Brandon in there," he said. "I didn't come to take anyone's spot. I came to do what I do. There's a lot of good backs there that do different things, so there's no reason they can't do their thing, I do my thing and we all get some reps."

Lucky's ideal situation is identical to the one that is currently being utilized at USC and with the player that he's been compared to more than a few times. Reggie Bush's name has already been amongst the Heisman hype as a true freshman and is certainly one of the most versatile football players in the country.

That's what Marlon sees as his eventual role at Nebraska. "I'm not saying I am Reggie Bush," Lucky said. "I just see a lot of what he does and what I do pretty much the same. I am used to catching balls out of the backfield and lining up just about anywhere on the field and he's like one of the only players around you see used like that."

If Lucky is another Reggie Bush, Husker fans will be salivating more than they already are and when Lucky's name is brought up, it's already close to deluge-status.

Marlon is tempering that, at least for now, because while he has his own expectations once he arrives, he also knows that his main goal has nothing to do with what happens after he puts on those cleats. "I've got to get that playbook down," Lucky said. "I know I can play, but that's the one thing that I am going to have to focus on, because there's just so much to learn."

"Once I get that down, I am good to go."

When Marlon was here for this last spring game, he got to see more of the town than he's seen before. He got to drive through the streets, even saying they went alphabetically for awhile and got the lay of the land.

Ok, that's great, wonderful, nice place, where are the trees, but that's over………now let's play some football.

"That's what I am waiting for," Lucky said of when he arrives in July. "I am ready to get there and get down to it. The spring game was great, but man, I just wanted to run down there and get some carries myself. Now, I just can't wait to get out of high school and get there so I can play some football."

"Man, I can't wait to play football."

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