Brothers Roark Evaluate Spring Game

Craig Roark has seen his fair share of the inside of Memorial Stadium, but this past weekend, the Roark Family took a road trip to Lincoln to share in the sights and sounds of a semi-game day with the 2005 Red-White Spring Game. What did brother Chad think of the experience? How well did Craig interact with his future teammates?

Craig Roark is ready and raring to play for the University of Nebraska and this past weekend's Spring Game did nothing but enhance his appetite to do so further.  "It was a blast, I had a chance to watch the team and see how much they've improved which was tremendous compared to last year.  I got my body fat tested, too," he said.  Craig currently weighs in at 305 pounds with a 20.8 body fat percentage.  Only Lydon Murtha (16%), Greg Austin (19%), and fellow center Kurt Mann (20.4%) had better numbers than the incoming freshman.  Chad had himself quite a time, too, getting to know all of the young men interested in either becoming a Cornhusker or playing for the squad this fall.  "I had a lot of fun hanging out with all the players and recruits, I had a blast, really," he said. 

Craig mentioned that his favorite part was starting to build that oh so precious team chemistry even before he officially steps on campus as a member of the crew.  "(My favorite part was) probably getting to know the players.  I'd already made a lot of friends.  I roomed with Lance Brandenburgh and hung out with Lydon Murtha, Mike Huff, Andy Christensen," said Craig.  He also got to know Clayton Sievers and Nathan Swift quite a bit better.  Chad, on the other hand, was being mobbed by folks both young and older looking for his name in ink.  "(My favorite part was) probably getting to sign autographs.  I signed probably 500 autographs," he said.  It appears that word of the younger Roark is starting to permeate the Cornhusker State even more than previously thought.

Even though Craig and Chad have had the opportunity to experience the Tunnel Walk a few times already, the effect isn't lost on either brother.  "It was fun, made me want to already have the pads on," said Craig.  "It made me even more excited."  Much like his brother, Chad was already feeling like he wanted to get sized for a helmet and pads.  "That's awesome, I've done it before with my brother when we went up there. You just get chills and you wish you'd be suiting up already," he said.  Chad is currently holding offers from Colorado State, Iowa State, Florida State and Louisiana State, but mentioned that Nebraska is starting to work their magic.  "They're starting to send me handwritten stuff now telling me they're going to evaluating me in camp," he said. 

Both brothers were equally impressed with San Diego Charger Toniu Fonoti saying that he was an impressive specimen.  "He was the biggest human being I've ever seen.  He's about two times as wide as me," said Chad.  Being a 285 pounder himself, that's no small feat.  Craig also mentioned that he is now ten pounds away from breaking Nebraska's freshman bench pressing record.  The record stands at 410 pounds and the older Roark put up 400 just this week.  We will continue to cover Chad's progress as he comes to camp to perform for Nebraska's coaches and Craig's career as a Cornhusker.

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