VIDEO: 1 on 1 with OL, Jim Barrie

Check out our exclusive one-on-one video interview with standout lineman, Jim Barrie.

Jim Barrie may be the most over-looked prospect in all of Florida as of right now. Barrie who measured in at just about 6-foot-5 and around 320 pounds was told that he could, one day, be the largest player on the team and would currently have the largest knees (in circumfrance) on the team right now.

While the measureables are there, so are the offers and accolades. People forget that Barrie was voted the top pass blocker at last year's Down and Dirty camp and over other, more heralded, prospects.

This past weekend Barrie was in Lincoln to take in the spring game after going to the spring game at Florida. How did the two compare and does Nebraska have a shot at getting Barrie to look North to being a Husker?




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