California CB already looking at official visits

It's never too early to start thinking recruiting. That goes doubly for standout CB, Devin Ross. While there is football to be played, school to attend and everything else that goes with being a typical high school kid, Ross has the luxury of being one that is touted around the country for his ability to play the game. Because of that, Ross is taking a hard looking at recruiting. So much so, he might even have one official visit already figured out.

I don't know that it's possible to stay ahead of the game when you are a highly recruited athlete. The offers come in at such a pace, it's impossible to keep up. Devin Ross has been experiencing that to a degree, the 5 foot, 11 inch and 180 pound Los Osos high standout, now playing for Rancho Cucamonga high school, is now up to 6 offers.

It's kind of funny, though, because with the added interest in him, he's found the added publicity hasn't always been a good thing. "The attention is nice, but I just don't like being misquoted," Ross said of some recent updates he's read. "Every team is the same to me and I have seen where some people have me leaning towards Arizona, UCLA or other places."

"That's just false, because I am looking everywhere right now."

To illustrate just how far he's looking, Devin has already tentatively set his first official visit, months in advance of even his final season of high school football. And, some from his region might be surprised as to where that visit will be. "I have been talking to the coaches at Nebraska about going there for the first game of the season," Devin said. "I have liked talking to them, because they treat you like a person and not just a player."

Again, though, Nebraska isn't a favorite right now even despite the fact that they are set to get one of those five coveted official visits. Heck, if the state powerhouse USC offered, Ross still maintains that every single school would be the same with any other.

Ok, that sink in? No favorites.

While Ross hasn't looked at any of these schools being better than any other, he's tried to see what he can do to learn as much as possible, possibly to narrow the list by the time his season begins.

That investigation will take him down to Arizona this weekend for their annual spring game. Arizona is also the place that his family will be moving to in June, 30 miles from the campus of UA. But, Ross isn't moving with them as he'll finish up his high school year before he makes the trip down south.

Ross also plans to visit Arizona State before heading to see the wildcats.

Ross has one official visit basically set, but he hasn't decided on any others as of now and aside from the trip down to Arizona, there aren't anymore unofficial visits in the works.

If you ask Ross what he's looking for in a college, his criteria is about the same as you would see of any other high profile recruit. Great academics comes first, good tradition certainly doesn't hurt and a huge fan following puts a little luster there for any school.

All of that, however, is probably not what means most throughout the recruiting process and again, it was the biggest reason why he's already got that visit to Nebraska in the works.

"I like coaches that can relate to you or talk to you like they care about your future," he said. "I don't want to talk to anyone that is recruiting me basically just because of what I can do on the field."

"That's a big part of my life while I am there and I just want to make sure that the coaches care about you and will help you on and off the field."

Due to the fact that Ross is a transfer from another high school and this will be his first year with Rancho Cucamonga, he couldn't be certain as to just what people are likely to see, at least from the team. He's confident, however, that he'll be able to better what he's done, along with helping his team to do the same.

"There are a lot of good players that have transferred here," he said. "I think that if we can all work together like we're supposed to, we should be ok. I know that will make everyone better, myself included, so I am looking forward to a good year."

As to recruiting, it's already good, but Ross knows it can be great. "I know it will probably get a lot busier with all that stuff, but I know I will stay focused on what I need to do," he said. "As long as I do that, everything else will be fine."

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