D.J. Jones pulls the trigger

Recruiting is getting shorter and shorter these days for some of the most heralded recruits. Wanting to avoid the "stuff" that goes with the recruiting process through an entire season, some are just getting it over with right now. Well, for in-state star, D.J. Jones, that's just what he was thinking when he decided to pull the trigger, oh, about an hour or so ago. Now, where to is the biggest question.

It's a good time to be a Husker. So says Omaha Central offensive lineman, D.J. Jones. The spring game would have been a good time, but there was just a few more things to iron out. "Oh, I just wanted to talk to my coach a little more, coach Blake and a little more and just set everything in my mind about what I wanted to do," D.J. said.


"But, it was definitely the best decision for me."


It was a decision that many Husker fans had made for Jones himself, he of course being an in-state kid, thus he's automatically a Husker to be. While Jones acknowledged that earlier, but instead wanted to weigh his options, he decided that he would indeed go to the land of the Big Red and for more reasons than just the fact that it was Nebraska.


"They recruited me harder than anyone else," Jones said. "I have gotten to know the coaches real well and I think they have my best interests in mind when I look at the future."


"Yeah, it was Nebraska, but I chose them, because it really felt like the place I wanted to be."


The coaches at Nebraska probably feel the same way, the Huskers still feeling the lineman shortage from recruiting gone awry years prior. At 6 foot, 5 inches tall and weighing in at around 300 pounds, Jones is considered to be a solid prospect for the immediate and distant future.


It suits Jones pretty well also. "That's another reason I chose Nebraska," D.J. said. "I really like the west coast offense, I like pass blocking more than anything else and it just seems like a place that is going to fit what I do the best."


"Plus, I feel I can become the best lineman I can be while I am there."


If there was any other reason that the Huskers ended a short recruiting adventure for Jones, you would have to think that it was the facilities, or maybe it was the great academic support.


However, Jones did concede in the end, that while he was totally objective in all of his decision-making and very thorough in making sure this was the place for him, he paused a moment and said what you hope an in-state player would say:


"Yeah, it's Nebraska."


Jones adds himself to fellow in-stater Ricky Henry as commit number 2 for the Cornhuskers.

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