Butch Lewis Returns From Lincoln Impressed

Butch Lewis made some travel plans within the Big XII as of late visiting the University of Nebraska and the University of Colorado to attend their spring games. Being amongst the throng of 63,000 plus at Nebraska, just what did Butch think of the experience and who sits amongst his favorite list at this time?

Butch Lewis is starting to rack up some solid frequent flier miles as he took trips to Nebraska and mostly recently the University of Colorado to attend the spring scrimmages of both schools.  When Butch showed up to Lincoln and saw a near full stadium for a glorified scrimmage, it impressed the large offensive tackle from Colorado.  "It went great.  (I liked) the 63,000 people showing up, the coaches and the hospitality," he said.    Butch took some time to get to know a few of the 2006 recruits and even took the time to get to know some of Nebraska's Class of 2005.

Lewis' favorite part of the Nebraska experience was the crowd.  He mentioned that it was pretty cool to see that many people show up for that sort of an event.  He sat in the west stadium for the Nebraska spring game but took to the sidelines for the Buffaloes scrimmage.  He said of the Colorado trip, "It was nice," and mentioned that he had a solid time attending. 

The towering tackle from Aurora is starting to get some favorites out there and he's whittled things down to a Top 5 with two teams battling for that fifth spot.  "I'd have to say it's Georgia, Miami, Oklahoma, Notre Dame and that fifth spot is like CU and Nebraska," he said.  Lewis currently holds offers from Colorado, Georgia, Iowa State and Nebraska.  As far as camps are concerned, Lewis plans on attending both the Cornhuskers' and the Buffaloes' but doesn't know about his plans beyond that.

The Cornhuskers were sure to make sure that Butch felt the love after attending their record-setting spring game.  "I got a couple written letters thanking me for coming to the game," he said.  Gearing up for the 2005-2006 season, Lewis takes to the weight room early with his teammates to improve himself for the upcoming challenges.  "We have to be there at 6:30 in the morning.  We basically just run and lift.  It goes for 1 ½ hours and sometimes we go after school, also.  I've been focusing on my upper body strength because I think I'm good on my hip strength and leg strength," he said.

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