Wright holding two offers and expects more

Nebraska has been trying to pull talent out of states that are predominantly known to produce top talent. One of their top targets at the cornerback position is from southern California and was the first to offer. Will the fact that they were the first to offer and given that Nebraska is far away, but prduces NFL players be enough to get him to look to leaving California?

Sometimes in states like California it might take a little while for the top talent in the state to become popular. For Shareece Wright, that is exactly how the story goes.

"I think that I have only received two written offers. My coach told me that some others offered. I heard that Washington, Ole Miss, Arizona, and Arizona State have all offered. The two written offers that I have right now are from Nebraska and UTEP. Nebraska was the first to offer."

"Pretty close to offering beyond what I said? I think like USC and UCLA are close maybe. I haven't really spoken to any of those coaches though, but my coach told me maybe on them."

Interest is picking up for the athlete from Colton (Calif.) High School. He pretty much played at all times at some position on the field.

"Everyone is recruiting me as a cornerback. I play offense too. I play running back, punt return and kick return. I do everything. I had around 1200 yards rushing on about 130 attempts. I scored 14 touchdowns. I caught a few passes; probably seven receptions for 100 yards."

"My longest return was 87 yards for a touchdown. I wasn't the original punt returner. I asked the coach for one return and took it back 87 yards. From there I stayed back there. I had 102 tackles and no interceptions. They didn't throw my way. I started as a sophomore too and I had no throws caught on me as a sophomore. They knew about me."

It's easy to see why so many schools are interested. Given the type of season that he had he pulled about every possible honor he could get. "I made all-league, all-county, all-area and MVP on offense. All of the honors other than the MVP were all on defense. I made second team all-CIF."

So far, Wright has been to the Nike Combine at USC. He put up some pretty impressive numbers at the combine including his height and weight.

"When I went to the Nike camp I was about 5-foot-11 and 185. I ran a 4.53 electronic 40-yard dash on grass. The fastest time was around a 4.39. I also tested at the vertical jump, bench press and 20-yard shuttle. I had a 34.8" vertical, 4.2 shuttle and did 14 reps at 185. That is a little down because I did 17 or 18 the week before when I was training for it. I wasn't really ready to do the test. It was so early in the morning."

When it comes to playing defense, Wright says knowing how to play offense is his biggest strength. "Just knowing about playing offense. I know what to expect. I am just real aggressive, I would love to play outside linebacker. As far as my height and my size I can't do that. I would also so my speed and my awareness."

On defense Wright likes to play aggressive where that new weight that he is packing should come in handy. "My vision and my speed. I'm not too powerful. I'm not too big. I think that this year power will be a strength because I have been hitting the weight room hard and have put on around 20 pounds already. Last year I played at 165."

Wright prefers to play defense mostly because he would playing a position on offense that he doesn't currently play in high school. All of the schools that have offered are recruiting him for defense and he was able to catch up with the head coach at Nebraska to hear about he could fit into their plans.

"Right now I prefer defense in high school. If I play offense in college I will play wide receiver. I am a true corner. Nebraska is recruiting me as a cornerback. I spoke with Coach Callahan, their head coach. I know about him somewhat. I have just been hearing about him since I have been offered. We talked about how they were really interested and getting to meet me. I said that I am interested in them and I will be looking forward to taking a trip out there."

Wright recognizes the change in weather from southern California to Nebraska, but is willing to overlook that if it presents him with the opportunity of the best education and a chance at the pros.

"I know it's cold out there. That isn't good. I don't really like the cold weather. I was told that there isn't too much to do out there. I do know that there are a lot of people in the pros that come out of Nebraska. The fact that it is really cold out there doesn't matter at all, but the fact that there are good opportunities out there are really good."

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