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Why should a guy who covers football recruiting in the Big Ten step out and cover football recruiting for the Nebraska Cornhuskers and their fans? The answer is simple.

Why should I step out of the Midwest? Why should I step out of the Big Ten region and cover recruiting for a school in the Big 12?

The answers to these questions are easy.

1. Yes, I've been covering football recruiting in the Big Ten region including Notre Dame for the past eight years but Nebraska is just down I-80 a few miles.

2. My brother and sister-in-law live in Omaha and are big Husker fans.

3. I attend the College World Series every year and while golfing with my brother and his friends I'm force fed Nebraska football!

4. I've dealt with the Nebraska staff the past couple of years. They are a great staff and great people.

5. Nebraska is among the nations elite programs. I was bombarded with e-mail and media requests from Nebraska fans and newspaper and radio media this past year.

5. Why not?

I was invited to this years' Rose Bowl game and I was able to bring a guest. Of course I brought my brother from Omaha, who is a huge Husker fan.

This was my first Nebraska football game and although the Huskers came out on the wrong end, I was impressed with the "SEA OF RED" in Pasadena.

To be able to watch a NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP game from the sidelines is obviously something I'll never forget.

I had the chance to meet hundreds of Nebraska fans. We had plenty of time on our hands as we arrived in the parking lot about eight hours before kick-off.

I was definitely impressed with the enthusiasm of the fans and I was in awe of how well the Huskers traveled.

So here we go, I'll try my best to give you the best in Nebraska recruiting information. I'll obviously be in Nebraska during the spring and summer and I'll attend a few games (If my brother will take me.)

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