Curtis Bailey Updates Official Visit List

There are always quality athletes deep in the heart of Texas and Curtis Bailey is no exception to that rule. The Cornhuskers look to work their way into the heart and mind of the young man from Dallas and it looks like they may get at least a shot. Find out how the Huskers plan to show young Mr. Bailey what they have to offer.

Curtis Bailey has been spending his off-season not only working to prepare himself for the upcoming season, but also taking some time to trip around the state. "I just went to Texas A&M and Texas on unofficial visits.  I wanted to see what they were about in person.  I saw they had a lot of tradition.  They have quite a few people going into the draft every year, a lot of Heismans, national awards and a lot of good stuff," he said.  Bailey has also been working on improving himself as a lineman.  "I'm working on getting faster. I have good stamina, so I'm working on the speed and the burst," he said.   Bailey mentioned that there is no one on his David W Carter offensive line under 6'0" and he believes that his team is primed for a solid season. 

Currently, Bailey mentions that the two teams who played in last year's national championship game are recruiting him the hardest.  "(Oklahoma and USC are) just letting me know about the good stuff they have to provide in the athletic programs and sending me some stuff about the law schools.  They talk about the coaches and other teammates," he said. 

Another school who is working diligently to secure Bailey's signature is the University of Nebraska and Bailey says they're doing their part to make sure he knows they're interested by sending handwritten letters. "They say I'm a high prospect, they just want to hear from me and they talk about the scholarship they offered me and stuff like that," said Bailey.  While Curtis hasn't gotten any new offers, he said that he is expecting them any day from Texas, Texas A&M, Florida and USC.

As far as attending any camps, Bailey mentioned that while the urge to travel for camp hasn't really hit him, he may attend some local ones.  "I don't feel like traveling, but I was thinking about the Oklahoma State camp.  That's in the North Dallas area and it's close by my house, so I was thinking of going there on June 9th," he said.   

After already visiting the campuses of the Aggies and the Longhorns, Bailey isn't really looking to trip to any other places outside of his official visits.  He said right now the schools he's narrowed down his officials visit possibilities to are USC, Notre Dame, OU, Nebraska and one of the Florida big three (Florida, Florida State or Miami).  Bailey did mention that while he is planning to visit the Fighting Irish, he hasn't received much contact from them lately.  "Speaking of Notre Dame, I haven't gotten anything from them in a good, long time.  I haven't received anything from them in like maybe three weeks or a month," he said.

Bailey said that since he was young, he followed the Fighting Irish of Notre Dame and they were a favorite of his, but since they haven't contact him much, two new schools have taken hold of his favorite spots.  "USC and Oklahoma.  I never really used to follow OU but now they're starting to stand out to me," he said.  We'll continue to monitor Curtis throughout the off-season and into his senior campaign.

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