Lucky makes the grade

Think you are happy right now? Think about where potential future Husker, Marlon Lucky has been the last few months since his high school season officially finished. Lucky knew that at that particular time, he wasn't officially qualified and since then, it's been the hard work to get to that point. Well, the official news came down Wendesday and Marlon is worrying no more. He's no longer a potential Husker, but a future one and you won't find too many people happier than him right now.

"I think I am the happiest person in the planet."

That's what running back Marlon Lucky said when he got his grades back this last Wednesday and they gave him the news that his guardian (Wayne Padden) said would happen, but the Husker fans and even Lucky himself waited impatiently to hear.

"I'm qualified." Marlon said. "I knew what I had to get and Wednesday they gave me the news and now, I am just ready to get to Lincoln."

Lucky qualifying cements Nebraska's top rated player for the class of 2005 and is no doubt a relief to the coaches on the staff as well. Marlon happened to call defensive line coach, JOhn Blake with the news and if there was something as happy as Marlon, it could have been him. "I think he was almost as happy as me," Lucky said. "I called him, told him and I think he told everyone on the staff like that minute."

With the grade issue behind him, Lucky now looks at the time he's going to arrive on campus, Marlon slated to be in Lincoln in July. Until then, though, Lucky will have the usual summertime stuff for school to do.

Not classes, though.

"I'm done," he said. "I'm all done with school and that feels great. Now, I don't have to think about that stuff anymore."

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