BigRedReport with the North Texas Nebraskans

It's a unique situation to be away from the school and the team that you cover, but it is made up when there is such a great alumni chapter to hook up with. North Texas Nebraskans had their Founder's Day last night and brough in guests like they have never had before which led to the attendence numbers like they have never had before.

Talk about a great night. When I came into the social hour last night for the first time there he was and looked like he could put it on again and make "the run".

Tommie Frazier was one of two official Nebraska speakers who were in for the evening. Tommie took the time to sign all of the autographs, take all the photographs and tell all the stories.

Tommie didn't have any notes when he went up to the podium, but how he tied together last season, his teams successful runs and their mindsets to how Nebraska had the best facilities to maybe number six in the Big 12 and then associating the cost of the original Nebraska facilities to the new was amazing. I think that he had given it before.

One of the more moving parts about Tommie's speech was talking about what he passed up to come to Nebraska. Not only that, but aftter football was over and a stint of coaching was under his belt from Baylor about why he returned. While a wife may have been one of the biggest reasons the other was pretty clear, there is no place like Nebraska.

In the end with Tommie being the speaker and considering the job and position that he now hold the question wasn't are you N, but are you really N? People can say what they are, but it's putting the money where the mouth is and realizing for only $100 your name will forever live on in those facilites.

Rome wasn't built overnight and sure wasn't cheap. The people in Lincoln, and more importantly our A.D. (Steve Pederson) know what it's going to take to get the nation's top talent back to Lincoln.

What else won't hurt is the talent that Nebraska has brought in with their coaching staff. Offensive Coordinator and Quarterback Coach Jay Norvell did not disappoint last night when he got his turn to speak.

The journey that he has taken has winded him around from his hometown of Madison, up to Green Bay, to being around Indianapolis to see the Colts draft Peyton Manning and then to Oakland and a run to the Super Bowl with then head coach Bill Callahan.

But it's been the people and how they have crossed paths that is the most intriguing about Coach Norvell that he made sure to talk about. Going to play for Hayden Frye. Playing football at Iowa with Bob Stoops. Working with forner Husker linebacker Barry Alvarez. At Green Bay with John Holmgren, Steve Marriucci, and others.

Then there was his take on the West Coast offense. The complexity and different interpretations of it from it's creation under Bill Walsh to how Nebraska runs it in comparison to other college and NFL teams. It's complex, but in the end it is a controlled, passing game.

Coach Norvell had stories like you wouldn't believe, like a guy name Brett Favre putting sleeping pills in a coach's coffee. And that is just a little taste of the stories he had and today he will be back on the road he said getting back into recruiting.

Big Red Report was able to extend a hand and get all of the people that attended banquet last night a complimentary copy of their annual recruiting issue and a copy of the national recruiting issue. I was also able to mutter some words as it was the largest crowd I had ever stood in front of before and addressed.

The feelings going away from the banquet and you got it from Coach Norvell, Tommie Frazier and ultimately picked up on from a lot of the peoples' comments that I spoke with and asked questions were good natured. Tommie really drove home a point talking about the direction that Steve Pederson is driving things as being for the good of the school and the program and not to only his liking.

Mr. Pederson has a lot of people watching very closely and according to Coach Norvell and Tommie, we will all have a chance to understand the vision through realized goals very quickly.

The Big Red Report would like to thank the North Texas Nebraskans, Jay Norvell and Tommie Frazier for allowing us to be part of the night last night and look forward to supporting any similar causes in the future. Go Big Red!

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