Ricker impresses, expects more offers soon

Quarterback Jeremy Ricker is already sitting on 20 plus offers. Well, that number is about to climb. Coming off a stellar performance at the Nike combine this last weekend, Jeremy knows that things are going to heat up. He's ready.

It's been a flurry of recruiting for Bishop McDevitt quarterback Jeremy Ricker. Dating back to September of last year, the offers have been coming in. Up to a reported 20 offers, Jeremy admits that it was different than he thought it would be. "It's crazy at times," Jeremy said. "I get about 20 letters a day at home, about 20 a day at the school, so it's been kind of insane."

As the boxes keep filling, Ricker not one to throw even the common form-letters away, the interest only seems to be growing. After this weekend, though, that slow and steady growth might have just been given a serious boost.

Following this weekend's performance at the Nike combine, Ricker said that based on some of the coaches he saw there and the reactions he was getting, he's going to go from being popular to being a downright hot commodity. "I know Michigan, Purdue, Nebraska, Tennessee, South Carolina, North Carolina, Syracuse and some others talked to my coach at the combine and it sounds like all of them are offering or thinking about it," Jeremy said. "That's pretty good, because I wanted to do well while I was there."

To that end, Jeremy said that he scored around 90 percent in his efficiency during the combine in the passing drills and ran just slightly over a 4.0 in the shuttle run. Ricker also added 12 reps on the bench at 185 pounds and run a sub 4.2 shuttle.

Overall, not too shabby and judging by the reactions of coaches in attendance, probably a lot better than that.

Ricker, though, he sees room to improve. "Oh, you can always get better, do certain things better and all that," he said. "But, I'd say outside of tripping on both of my forties, I didn't do too bad."

Ricker scratched his forty-times, because of those slight stumbles, but the 4.58/40 he's ran before pretty much tells you that overall, this kid is an impressive athlete, especially in a drop-back system.

In that system, Ricker guided his team to the quarterfinals this last season, throwing for 1,800 yards, completing 14 of those for scores. And, with a solid returning core, including running back LeSean McCoy, Ricker says it's their turn this time around. Last year, they (Central Catholic) beat us and they were ranked like fourth in the country, but they had last in the quarterfinals the year before," Jeremy said. "This year, it's our turn and we're going to try and do to them what they did to us."

That's an important run for a team, any team for that matter and you can imagine that aside from this recruiting explosion, how his team is preparing for the future means the most. So much so, that there is a decision Ricker is trying to mull around in his mind as to whether he wants the attention from recruiting to even be a factor when his final season of prep-ball begins. "Yeah, it's something that I have been thinking about, because the attention has gotten like it has," Jeremy said. "I want to take my official visits, but I don't want the recruiting attention to be a distraction to this season."

"This is like the biggest season of my life, so it's just something I am trying to figure out before it gets here, so I at least know I am prepared, no matter what I decided to do."

Jeremy went onto say that there was no way he was committing to a school he hadn't visited and that at this point, he hadn't even came close to visiting all the schools he wants to see. So, with his coach on hand along with teammate, LeSean McCoy, Ricker is planning a sort of tour over the summer. "Yeah, I'm going to hit the Midwest, so I am trying to hit places like Nebraska."

"it's kind of funny, when I was in peewee, I was always faster than everyone else, so my dad would tell me to watch Nebraska, so I always grew up liking them."

If Ricker is to like them now, it will obviously not be for the same reason he liked them before. In fact, that's a prerequisite for Ricker as the offenses he's looking at will dictate much of what he's deciding for the future. "I've really got my eye on the future, the NFL," Jeremy said. "So, when I look at these places, I look at the offense they run, what it's like compared to the pro-style I run here and if the quarterback coach can really teach me what it takes to get there."

"It all comes into play, though, the coaching, the offense, the relationship I build with whoever I will be learning from, so that's a long to think about right now."

At 6 feet, 2 inches tall and weighing right around 200 pounds, Ricker is probably a tweener when it comes to those ideal drop-back passers. With his mobility, however, all of a sudden, not being 6 foot 5 is a big deal.

Just look at the offers he's got and the offers that are probably to come and you'd have to without question agree.

What Ricker brings isn't just the ability to throw the ball, the athleticism to move in and out of the pocket, even being able to make yards down field if necessary, but he's got the football smarts that make him key to the position.

That makes him a commodity to teams and one of the hotter ones you will see around the entire country, this early in the year.

How hot he gets could greatly dictate just when he makes his decision, so we'll follow Ricker closely this summer to see just where this recruiting journey takes him.

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