Is he an end or is he a tackle?

Nebraska is looking for some help to get pressure on the quarterback. Look no further than Broderick Marhsall who at 6-foot-4 and 270 pounds with 4.9/40 speed could either be a player on the end of a defensive line or on the interior. If he had his way though, it would be from the outside.

Broderick Marshall is a prospect that is getting ready to make a splash, in a big way. The problem is now, what position does Marshall play? That is the question.

"I play defensive end. I have played defensive end my entire high school career," Marshall said. "I'd say that I weigh around 265 or 270 right now. They put me out there at end because of how our defense end. I play strong side. It works out pretty good."

At 6-foot-4 and his current weight he is a bit of a tweener to some, but Marshall is doing what he can to make sure that he plays defensive end at the next level.

"People are listing me as a defensive tackle. It's probably just because of my size. My coaches told me that colleges would probably play me as a defensive tackle. I am just working to jeep my speed down so I could play end. I run about a 4.9 right now."

Marshall is carrying some very good weight and with it comes good strength. The abilty to beat the man across from him on a pass rush or to jam a tight end is his biggest strength.

"My strength is literally my physical strength. I have the ability to knock the tight end out of my way or take offensive tackle off-balance so I can push them over. I am pretty quick. I am not really fast, but I am quick off the ball."

Marshall has the size and speed that would allow him to stop the run or rush the passer. What is he better at?

"I would have to say both. I like to get after the ball carrier. I like to rush the passer too, but if I am lined up on the tight end I really like to jam to tight end to keep him off the ball."

So far Marshall has hauled in two offers and by the looks of things there may be a few more around the corner.

"I have two offers. One is from Texas Tech and the other is from Nebraska. I think TCU might be close. They have been talking to my coaches and they have come by the school. Recently I heard that Houston is close to offering. SMU came down to my school."

In the first hot news with Marshall he cited that Nebraska was on the leader board, but a little further down than what Big Red Report was told the other day.

"Yeah, I do have some leaders. Of course it's going to be Texas Tech and Nebraska even though Nebraska is a long ways from home. I have been hearing a lot about their defense. I wouldn't have a problem going up there. It would be Texas Tech, Nebraska, Texas, TCU and Oklahoma. I am a big fan of Texas."

Despite growing up in Austin and being a stand out from Austin (Texas) McCallum, Marhsall has yet to receive a single piece of Texas mail. Despite not mailing Marshall at all there will always be a soft spot for Texas.

"I don't know. I haven't gotten any mail from Texas. My coaches and a lot of the people that I have been talking to say that Texas has a tendency of not taking players from Austin. I have been living in Austin all my life and I have grown up a fan. I will always be a fan no matter how they look at me."

While Marshall knows a lot about Texas one school that he has been offered by he doesn't know a lot about. What he does know about Nebraska he likes though and it may be enough to earn them a future visit.

"Well, I don't know a lot about Nebraska. I know that they have a real strong defense and I wouldn't have a problem going there. My mom might have some say about it. Since I was in middle school I have been kind of thinking about leaving the state to go to college. I've been thinking about it a lot. I don't have a problem with them at all."

"I got the Nebraska offer about a month and a half or two months ago. I got the Texas Tech offer a long time ago. I am still getting mail from them. They mail me about twice a week. Texas Tech mails me a lot. They keep me up to date on their spring practices and everything. I get the most mail from Texas Tech. Nebraska sends me mail to the school. They did send me the offer to the home."

Marshall isn't for sure about his stats for last year. However, one must believe that were solid considering the honors that he won. "I really don't know what my stats were for last year. It's probably around 80 tackles. I won all-district and first team central Texas. That was my highest honor."

Marshall has been finding it to be a struggle to get enough time to take in Junior Days and unofficial visits. He recently took in a camp, but he is unsure if there will be another.

"Schools have been sending me a lot of mail about Junior Days, but the schools are all just too far. I work right now and it's tough. I took off some days from work to go to the Nike camp last week and it's just getting hard for me to manage my time."

"I was thinking about going to the Texas camp over the summer. They said that the camp lasts for about a week. I am probably just going to the camp at my school because my coaches know what I need to work on. I have been with them for four years."

So what would Marhsall say he needs to improve on this spring and summer to be better at this fall? "Definitely my speed. I need to improve my speed a lot. My coaches are telling me that my lower body is pretty good right now like squats and everything. I am going to focus on my upper body."

The evaluation period has been busy around McCallum with teams coming in to see Marhsall and the other players. Nebraska was at his school last week.

"Just recently I had Rice, Texas State, TCU, Purdue and Nebraska come by my school. The SMU coach came by last week. The Nebraska coach didn't stay too long. He just talked to my coach and checked out what we had going on."

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