NU Evaluation Update: Cameron Elisara

May is the best time of year for college coaches. Well, maybe next to January, if they happen to still be playing the actual game. But, the evaluation period can't be far behind, because this is when they get to see players firsthand. That's when a lot of these kids around the country start to realize just how coveted they might become and Cameron Elisara is starting to feel that set in.

With offers from Nebraska, Stanford, Oregon, Arizona State and Idaho and most recently added, New Mexico State, most kids seeing this would realize that their time in high school, all those hours busting their butt has paid off.

For Spokane, Washington's Cameron Elisara, though, the work is just beginning. Sure, he could sit back and enjoy the offers he's gotten and most kids would dream of having just the chance he has staring him in the face right now.

Not Elisara, though, because while he's not looking to stoke his ego, he is looking to make sure that if there's a choice in schools for the future, he's got it as a realistic opportunity. "Oh, I just want however many offers I can get," Cameron said. "It's not an ego thing, really, but I guess when you are trying to choose a school, you want to have as many choices as possible."

Thanks to the evaluation period that has been going on for a little over a week now, Cameron said that he's already feeling that a few schools are going to offer and fans of schools out east might shriek when they see who one of them is. "It sounds like USC is going to offer," Cameron said. "And, I think Washington is going to offer and Kansas State to."

Back to the conversation Cameron has had in regards to the question that has been asked more than a fair amount of times, he said that even if the mighty Trojans extend an offer, they don't have anymore of a lead than any other on his list. "I've got so much time, it doesn't matter who is offering me right now," he said. "I want the choices, but I am not going to make my choice for a long, long time."

"If USC offers, that's great and it's an honor, but I am totally open to every program out there."

Amongst some of the other programs that have stopped by to evaluate the Ferris high school standout are Nebraska, Stanford, Northwestern and Arizona State.

That's it, though, the spring, evaluation periods and a whole lot of studying on math, English and Spanish. He's a high school kid yet, so that's what you should expect.

But, unlike most high school kids, he doesn't have people from as far away as 3,000 miles coming to watch him run around in cleats. Humbleness isn't easy for some, but even for what could be one of the better defensive tackles in entire western region, that's just how he is. "I'm just doing what I am doing," Cameron said. "I am grateful for the attention, am hoping for a lot more, but I just have to keep studying and working out."

"I like the attention, but like I said, there's a long ways between now and signing day and I have a lot of stuff to do."


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