Is There Still A Package Deal?

There has been much discussion over what some would call a package deal that Nebraska could have lined up. The talk has been if QB Josh Freeman commits that WR Menelik Holt would follow. We caught up to Menelik to see if that is still the case or if he has decided otherwise. Is Nebraska still the team to beat?

It was probably one of the worst-kept secrets coming out of Nebraska's annual Red-White Spring Game.  The talk at the time was if Grandview, Missouri quarterback Josh Freeman were to commit to Nebraska that San Diego's Menelik Holt would follow in a package deal that Bill Callahan and company would love to have.  As time passes, sometimes a young man's ideas change especially when dealing with a major decision such as where he will be spending a large chunk of his football career and life.  For Menelik Holt, however, the deal made with Freeman still holds true.

"That's what we planned.  He and I were talking about the schools that we liked and how we liked this school (Nebraska) the most and we had the best chance of playing and liked the academics.  I told him ‘hey, if they get a quarterback in this class, you'll need a receiver, so if you come, I will'," said Holt.  Certainly good news for Cornhusker fans should Freeman or Holt decide to pull the trigger at some point.

Nebraska hasn't backed off of Holt since the deal was struck, however.  "They've been sending me handwritten letters for a while now.  From them, (I've got) probably around thirteen," said Holt.  As evaluations begin this month, Nebraska looks to be one amongst a host of schools coming to check out the gifted athlete from St. Augustine High School.  "I think they've got one phone call this month and I'm sure they'll come out pretty soon.  Just today it was Arizona State, Oregon and Boise State; I didn't get all of the coaches' names," said Holt.  Menelik also reported that both LSU and Arizona have also come out to observe him.

In terms of favorites, Menelik is in the same spot he was after Nebraska's spring game.  My number one is Nebraska," he said.  Holt mentioned that the Cornhuskers are a clear cut favorite with Michigan, Oregon and Arizona State following.  Holt is starting to get a firmer idea of his itinerary over the next several months, as well.  "I know I'm going to Stanford camp.  I'm going to set up an official for Nebraska's first game.  I might go to Nebraska's camp and Michigan's hopefully if everything works out," he said.  As far as setting up any other visits, Holt maintains that Nebraska is the only school with a sure visit in their pocket from him at the moment.

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