McNeil Returns From Lincoln With Strong Impression

Michael McNeil took an unofficial visit to the University of Nebraska this past weekend and he had plenty to say about his experiences in Lincoln. Find out what all he did during his trip, what his favorite part of the experience was, how the coaches view him as a player and even how he compared the trip to four others.

Naturally, when you bring in a young man being recruited for a position that has very little depth, you're looking for a commitment as soon as possible.  Of course, on the other hand, securing out of state commitments this early in the process can be somewhat detrimental in certain cases.  Back on April 19th, we reported that Kirkwood, Missouri's Michael McNeil would be visiting the University of Nebraska over the past weekend.  Did he pull the trigger during his visit?  "No, they wanted me to commit but it wasn't forced or anything.  They said ‘Are you ready to pull the trigger? How about we get this thing done?' They said they'd love to have me, though," said McNeil.

While a commitment wasn't secured from Michael, he did have a great time in Lincoln and had quite the full schedule.  "We had a full day.  They had everything filled out.  My family met up with Coach Cosgrove.  We had a meeting with him, just talked, and hung out in his office.  Then we went down to the weight room.  We met Coach Kennedy and we watched some film on what he likes to do with his team, he took all of my measurements.  He talked to us about what he likes to do what he does for the team, he was really interesting," said McNeil.  Coach Kennedy measured Michael at 6'4" flat and 217 pounds.  He also commented that Michael's arms were extremely long.

The McNeils' day didn't stop there, however.  "After that, we went to the athletic medicine department and checked out the training table. Coach Blake stopped by and said ‘hi'.  Then after that we went to the academic advisor and talked to him for a little while and he said what courses were available, how often you get to be with him and they showed how many academic All-Americans they had and they were just destroying other schools," said McNeil.  Michael was impressed at how even schools like Notre Dame were trailing Nebraska in that category.

Next up was Michael's time with his possible position coach.  "We went and met with Coach Downing and talked with him for a while.  He pretty much told me what I could do, what would be my role, what he liked.  He said I'm very similar to Matt Herian.  He wants a guy like Matt Herian that's not necessarily going to be the biggest, strongest blocker but that's going to get down the field and get vertical.  We had our final meeting with Coach Callahan. We hung out with him in his office," said Michael.  McNeil thought that Coach Callahan's office was a sight to behold.  "Everyone else had, like, a regular door and he has one to go into but his office is this huge big glass case.  There are curtains everywhere so you can't see in," he said.

While Michael had a good time meeting up with the coaching staff and getting to know the men he would work with if he were to come to Nebraska, his favorite part was in the bells and whistles that treat Nebraska fans every game day.  "My favorite part was meeting all the coaches but HuskerVision showed us the tunnel walk, highlights of the past, highlights of this season and the new facilities they're building," he said.  With an obviously impressive trip behind him, where does it rank the Cornhuskers on his list of favorites?  "They're definitely on the top.  I'm going to take all of my visits and see where I fit, but this visit was definitely a plus for them and not a negative," he said.

McNeil has already traveled to some other locales and while he found things to like about each of them, there was an interesting package when it came to Nebraska.  "I have taken four trips to Missouri, Kansas, Northwestern and Michigan and the funny thing is the things I liked from all the other places like coaching, facilities, offense, I found them all in Nebraska.  The tradition at Michigan was the same if not surpassed at Nebraska.  The coaching at Kansas was good but Nebraska's was amazing.  Academics from Northwestern, the fact that they (Nebraska) had all of those academic All-Americans proved to me they can do other things than just athletics," Michael said.

Michael is still in the deciding stages about making trips to any camps, but if he does go, he has a few ideas of where he might attend.  "I am going to go to some camps, but I do not know which ones yet.  I'm looking at Louisville, Iowa, Michigan State and Kansas," he said.  Might he consider a stop in Lincoln for a camp?  "There's a chance I'll go to their camp," said McNeil.  Michael also made sure to point out that he plans to return to Lincoln for an official visit to see all of the sights that Lincoln beholds.  "For sure, I'm definitely going to want to come back for an official visit.  I don't plan on Nebraska leaving my top five any time soon and those are where I'm taking my visits," he said.

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