Offers still coming, Gloster narrowing his list

Well, Drew Gloster isn't in need of any attention right now. Sitting on double-digit offers, this defensive end/tight end/wide receiver is getting all kinds of options for the future. When it gets to that point, the question isn't so much "if" rather who, what, where and even when. That's the decision he's looking at, but as the offers still roll in, Gloster has a good idea when he'll decide.

Just in the last week or so, Wheaton, Maryland's Drew Gloster has seen yet another spike in his popularity. Already sitting on offers from schools like Penn State, Michigan State, Oklahoma and Virginia Tech, a pretty brilliant list just got some more luster.


In the last week, Nebraska has added themselves to the mix and just this last evening, the Buckeyes of Ohio State threw their hat in the ring, something Gloster found to his liking. "As a kid growing up, I always followed the buckeyes," Drew said. "I had a friend that played running back for them in the seventies and I just followed them and was happy about getting the offer last night."


Gloster was happy enough about the offer that he said that if he had a top five right now, Ohio State would be clearly there.


There's one other school, though, that if they jump into the mix, Drew said that, that changes the picture. "I like Miami a lot," Drew said. "They are on the east coast, they are on TV a lot and they have a lot of tradition, plus they are looking at me as a guy they say can take over where Kellen Winslow left off."


You'd probably not be surprised at the range of positions Gloster is being recruited for, that is if you have followed his recruiting. From tight end to rush end to wide receiver and he's even been recruited to play OLB.


There's a definite preference here, though, as the Our Lady Good Counsel high school standout is looking at himself down the road. "I think I would play a lot of positions well, but the one I want to play is wide receiver," Drew said. "I can use my body to shield off defenders, plus I am getting faster all the time. I ran a 4.57 recently."


"And, I have good feet off the line and I am confident I can catch anything around me. I like the idea of playing wideout, because I think that's where my future is."


To the offer from Miami that has yet to happen, Gloster is looking at as early as tomorrow to find out if he's going to get it or not, because coaches from the Canes are coming in during this evaluation period. "If I show good, I'm pretty sure I am getting that offer," Drew said. "And, if that happens, I know Miami is clearly on that list."


Drew said that, that list is comprised currently of Penn State, Virginia Tech, Ohio State, Florida and North Carolina, all teams having offered.


Now, if Miami offers tomorrow, they are going in and Drew knows who's checking out. "I'd have to say that North Carolina would be out if Miami offered me," he said. "They are a great program, but Miami is Miami."


Ok, now to a decision, because if there's a top five already, you would have to think that someone could consider pulling the trigger before their season even begins. And, you would be right, because there's lots that Gloster wants to experience his final football season, but recruiting might not necessarily be at the top, at least during the year. "I don't want any off-field distractions," Drew said. "And, our coach has already said that we can't take any weekend visits during the season, because we watch film on Saturdays after our games."


"So, this is something I really want to get this out of the way before my season starts."


"I figure that by my birthday (August 10th), I want to tell everyone what I am going to do. I am going to blow out my candles and tell everyone where I am going to go."

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