Cobb getting ready to narrow down the candidates

You want to talk about the complete back then it needs to be a player that can catch the ball, block, as well as run the ball. Maybe changing positions for the third time in three years will help you. Especially when you move from wing back to full back and then to running back.

Antwaan Cobb has gone through the first position change from wing back to full back and is getting ready to move back to the position that he anticipates playing in college, running back. The nearly 6-foot and 205 pound Cobb has been spending the spring running track and is now in football.

"I guess I ran a couple of meets this year," Cobb said. "I ran the 100m and 200m. I am not certain on my times. I think that it was a 21 or 22 second 200m and a 10-something in the 100m. I ran a 10.82 as a sophomore."

10.82 as a sophomore admittedly was a year and 20 pounds ago. Cobb was told that he would be making the move from wing back to full back after the sophomore year. He needed to pack on some weight. It made him a step closer to being the feature back too.

"I played wingback my sophomore year and I want to move to tailback. I want to carry the ball 25 times a game instead of six. I want to get back into that kind of shape. It should be easy because I am playing both ways. I am a linebacker as well. I know what I am capable of."

So is he a fullback, wingback, tailback or linebacker? It seems that the only position on offense that Cobb hasn't played is offensive line. "I want to play running back."

And that is what everyone else sees him as so far.

Cobb is up to four offers and it seems that it could double in a week considering the sheer quantity of schools that were in Pflugerville (Texas) to see Cobb during the evaluation period the past week and a half.

"I am holding offers from Texas A&M, Nebraska, UTEP and Oklahoma State. I just got the offer from Oklahoma State last week. Missouri sent me some mail that said they'd send one soon. Purdue said they'd give me one too."

"A lot of schools have been by the past week or so. There's been North Texas, Texas A&M, Texas, Nebraska, Oklahoma State, TCU, Arizona, LSU, Missouri, Texas Tech, Baylor, Stephen F. Austin, and UTEP. I have gotten calls from Oklahoma State, Baylor and California."

Some attention is coming off of his Nike camp performance at TCU which Cobb isn't overly happy about, but he came in physically impressive and tested well. "I just didn't feel it. I came in at 5-foot-11 and around 203 or 205. I had a 35" vertical jump, 4.65/40 and a 4.2 shuttle time."

While Texas has come by the school, Cobb hasn't received an offer and may or may not see one considering Texas' current list of commits. "I've talked to Mack Brown about it," Cobb said, "and after what Ryan Perrilloux did last year he wants commits now and to stay committed to them."

"I understand that. He (Mack Brown) wants me to go to a Texas school. I don't blame him for what's being done. I grew up watching Texas and loved watching them play."

While Texas may not be a likely school that Cobb will end up at, that just starts the process for him. "My dad said that he wanted me to start narrowing some things down. He wants me to get to final five or five schools that I will take my official visits to."

Cobb's father will be making the official visits with him and as of right now there is only one official visit school that seems penciled in on the calendar with the chance of a couple of others. "I will take an official to Nebraska and probably one to Oklahoma State. I am looking to possibly take one to Florida."

Cobb has some ideas what he is looking for in a school and it doesn't necessarily have to be early playing time. In fact competition is something that Cobb is looking forward to in college.

"I am looking for a good campus school. I want a good environment there. I know that I will be looking at the coaching staff. A school with a good history would be great. I will also be looking at a school that produces great running backs."

"Early playing time isn't really that big of a deal. I am always down for competition."

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