East Coast mountain offered to play both sides of

If you were to hear the name Hyde Leadership high school, it's not one of those names that you think you ‘might' have heard or think someone mentioned to you at some point. That's not a name you can forget. Well, attach Bruce Campbell to that, because that actually is a name you might forget, but only in name, because Bruce himself is a hard one not to remember.

Standing almost 6 foot, 8 inches tall, Bruce Campbell is a hard one not to pick out amongst the crowd. His stature alone would make you think basketball probably, but in this day and age, that's a height you aren't surprised to see on the offensive side of the ball.

The thing is, for Bruce and his Hyde Leadership team, that's not even half of what he contributed to their run of an undefeated season. From the defensive end position, Bruce added approx. 100 tackles and over 20 sacks on the year.

Weighting ‘just' 270 pounds, the formidable defender said that it wasn't his physicality that got him around tackles and through offensive lines like a hot knife through butter, but his technique. "I've got good hands," Bruce said. "I used to box when I was little and I have always just been able to use my hands really well."

On the offense side, you can imagine it's much the same. "Yeah, my hands are good there to, but I have really long arms, so if I am up and square to the guy, he's got a long ways before he even gets to me, much less around me." Campbell said.

The long arms are a drawback, though, well at least to Bruce as he spies the little guys in the weight room, pushing up in the upper 300 pound range, while he and his arms are ‘only' pushing up 320. "Man, it's murder doing that," Bruce said of the bench. "Those other guys, it's like it's up and back down and I've got a mile to put that thing in the air." Campbell has a reported squat of 420 as well.

Size does matter and when you can take not just the height of a player, but the length of his arms, the proportions of his frame, if they are all saying that Bruce could still get a lot bigger, strong and even faster, colleges come o' running.

They have, to the tune of Nebraska, Virginia, Penn State, Michigan State, Rutgers and Maryland.

Add letters from about every school in the eastern region and Campbell's stock is booming.

When it comes to himself, the recruiting process has managed to be one of those things he's thinking about, but it's not all-consuming. While Bruce recognizes the importance of his choice, he's figuring that there's plenty of time to make any decisions, even when it comes to favorites. "I'm probably not taking any official visits until after my season, so it's not a big rush for me right now." Bruce said.

In the meantime, Campbell has made an unofficial to Maryland and plans on possibly going to see Nebraska and Virginia this summer. Other than that, he's waiting to see what happens. "Right now, I'm just working out and trying to get in better shape for the year," he said. "I don't think there's a need to rush this, so I am just seeing who else gets into it."

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