PA Lineman Being Put Through The Paces

Since the Nebraska Cornhuskers offered Jared Odrick back in March, there's been plenty of time for other schools to take notice of the large young man from Lebanon, PA. Which schools have been hitting Jared the hardest and has Nebraska continued to pursue him over the past couple of months?

For Jared Odrick, the past several weeks have been ones of preparation, training and execution.  Participating in both the Elite College Combine and one of the Nike Combines, Odrick has taken the time to show scouts and coaches from some of the finest institutions around the country what he is capable of.  During that time, however, schools have not only evaluated Jared, they have stepped forward and offered him a chance to shine in their program. 

So who has been hitting Jared the hardest?  "A lot of people," he said.  "I'm up to 27 offers.  Some people who haven't offered are coming like Notre Dame, USC, schools like that but I've been in touch with Georgia the most lately along with Penn State, Michigan, Michigan State and Minnesota."  He mentioned that people have been calling, sending messages and really hitting his recruitment from all angles.  "Everybody's been in touch," he said.  Jared currently claims no leader at this time.

Back in March, one of the schools that stepped up and offered Jared a scholarship was the University of Nebraska.  Odrick reports that the Cornhuskers had remained fairly consistent in his recruitment, though it has tapered off a bit lately.  "I've gotten written letters from them. I thought I saw them at the Elite College combine but I'm not sure.  I think they've called me, too," he said.  Jared said that the letters contain messages of traditions already laid by the Cornhuskers and ideas for the future.  "(They talk about) rebuilding the great line that they've had and the history of Nebraska.  Also, getting the chance to get out there and see what they have to offer," Jared said.

Odrick has been contemplating getting out and taking in some of the sights around the country.  "Later this spring and all through the summer, I'm going to try to make some unofficial visits making a Midwest swing and a Southern swing.  I might go out to the West coast if enough schools pop up," he said.  Jared mentioned the possibility of a trip to Nebraska but with their apparent lessening recruitment of him, that appears to be up in the air.  

Since getting done with two major combines, Jared doesn't plan to be attending any college camps, but rather do what his school suggests of him in the off-season.  He mentions that several schools have stopped by to check him out and evaluate him.  "Oklahoma has, they stopped by the school and looked at me real quick. Minnesota, Illinois, Michigan, Ohio State, Penn State and USC, too," he said.

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