Corey Hobbs Makes Plans For Summer

With Corey Hobbs already holding an offer from the University of Nebraska, the Cornhuskers could well be on the inside track to nab the mammoth man from Oviedo, Florida. Find out what schools have been after Corey the most, which schools have been out to evaluate him and who holds the coveted title of his favorite school thus far.

Standing 6' 5" and weighing in at 310 pounds, Corey Hobbs provides his future school with an obvious impact presence in the heart of the defensive line.  Right now, two schools stand out in Corey's mind as the ones making the most impact at this point in the recruiting season.  "Right now I think possibly Florida and Stanford are the two recruiting hardest.  I'm getting handwritten stuff from them almost every day," he said. 

It appears that the Gators' hard work is paying dividends, at least for the moment, claiming Corey's leadership status.  "Florida is tentatively, but in no way is that set in stone.  They're followed closely by LSU, USC, Florida State (who offered me last night), they're up there, Nebraska and Stanford," said Hobbs.

While Nebraska doesn't hold the top spot quite yet for Corey, they're sending two very impressive individuals after Corey to make their first impressions.  "They came to spring practice the other day and looked at me. Coach (Randy) Jordan gave me his card after practice.  I called Coach (John) Blake and talked to him for 15-20 minutes and he's real excited about coming down and coming to see me, maybe me coming up there for an unofficial visit," Corey said. 

Corey reports that while he had been getting a bevy of mail before, it appears most colleges' correspondence has started to wane.  "Most of the mail has kind of tapered off in this past week or two maybe because the coaches are all traveling around which is understandable.  When the mail was big, like last week I was getting 20 letters a day, Nebraska was right up there with them," he said.

A precious commodity to Hobbs is his free time and during the summertime, he's got a slight window of opportunity to do something with.  "I have a two week window in summer where I'm not going to be training and I was thinking that my dad and I could drive up the coast and then drive out west to see Stanford and places like that and see some relatives as well," he said.  Hobbs hasn't really made any plans for a collegiate camp because he has a number of team-related activities to do, plus he has to make time for the Fellowship of Christian Athletes Camp he plans on attending.

Hobbs also made sure to note that schools are starting to show up at his school for evaluations to coincide with the beginning to full pads.  "Duke came, Georgia, Michigan State, FSU, Nebraska, Columbia and USF.  Today was our first full pads day, the past week we haven't been hitting, so it should pick up," Hobbs said.  We'll continue to update you on Corey's activities over the coming weeks and months.

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