Daniel Wenger Attracting Many A Coaching Staff

Nebraska made it a point to go after top notch offensive line recruits early and often during this recruiting cycle. One young man that has held an offer for a while now is Fort Lauderdale's Daniel Wenger. He reports in with the teams that are going the hardest after his services currently and which batch of institutions has been out to evaluate him thus far.

Daniel Wenger presents his eventual college with an excellent athlete, not only in his size, but with the ability to play multiple positions on the line given his talents.  He has held offers from both Miami (FL) and Nebraska for a while, so that speaks about the level of talent both of those tradition-rich schools think Daniel has, but which schools have been hitting him the hardest on the recruiting trail?

"I'd say Duke, Rutgers, Purdue, Northwestern, Kansas, Miami, FSU and Boston College," said Wenger.  Currently, Daniel claims no leader out of his list of recruiting establishments saying that, at this point in time, they're all deadlocked.  One name interestingly absent from that list is that of the University of Nebraska.  Where do they stand in Daniel's current plans?  "They offered and they sent me a letter every now and again but I'm pretty sure they're going to come out and watch me over spring to evaluate me," said Wenger.

When Nebraska has sent Daniel something through the mail, he reports that they like to talk about their past traditions in the hopes of building for the future and continuing on the foundation that was laid years ago.  "The past couple things have been about their spring games and about Nebraska in general," he said. 

Currently, Wenger isn't positive about attending any camps, combines or other athletic exhibitions, nor is he sure about where he might head for an unofficial visit, so the race appears open in that aspect.  He did mention that quite a few teams have been out to scout the St. Thomas Aquinas team including him.  "The first day we had Penn State, the second day, Purdue, Pitt, Oklahoma, West Virginia and then (the other day) there was supposed to be a couple but our practice got cancelled due to lightening and rain," he said.  UCLA and Connecticut were supposed to be in attendance.

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