Super Wideout tries to keep recruiting "real"

When you are carrying over twenty written offers, you've seen and heard it all. "We love you", "You are our number one" and the ever-popular "You can play right away". That's what wide receiver Damon McDaniel is going through, so when you approach him, you might want to think a little "old school".

Virginia Beach wideout Damon McDaniel has been pretty popular this recruiting season. Actually, long than that, his some twenty-plus offers dating back to his season of last year.


Since then, however, the attention has gotten more, the teams have flocked in and where there was once just a trickle of attention, it's now becoming a deluge.


That's both good and bad as McDaniel has found out, some schools calling him up and telling him just about everything he supposedly wants to hear. "Oh, you hear stuff like ‘you're the best, we need you, you're our top guy', that sort of thing," Damon said. "When you start hearing enough of that stuff, pretty much all you want to hear is a coach that will just give it to you straight."


One of those coaches that McDaniel has called from time to time is Nebraska defensive back coach, Phil Elmassian. The aged assistant coach to most is a little gruff possibly, very straight forward and nobody will question his intensity. While that particular methodology has found some questions locally at times, you won't see McDaniel complaining.


"He's straight," Damon said of Elmassian. "He's a fiery guy, but you know he's giving you the straight stuff and not what you want to hear. I've heard enough of the other stuff, so I'm looking for coaches that will give it to me real. He's definitely one of those."


The reality for McDaniel is this: He's fast climbing the charts as one of the hottest prospects around, simply looking at the amount of offers he's received. Then, you take a look at some of those schools; Oklahoma, Virginia Tech, Virginia, Nebraska, Florida, LSU and N.C. State, nobody is going to citing quality over quantity.


And, coming back with fellow division 1-A recruit and speed-demon Percy Harvin over at the other wide receiver position, Damon is planning on a big year, even if his team is in a slight rebuilding mode after losing a bunch of starters of their state championship team.


"There's going to be a lot of young guys on the team, so others will have to step up," McDaniel said. "But, with Percy and I, we should give defenses plenty to think about this year."


Damon himself will have plenty to think about as he said that new letters are coming in everyday, new offers possibly on the way. That's why he's opting to take this summer, devote it to what his team does in preparation for his final season of prep-ball and worry about really narrowing things down just before that season arrives.


"I'm probably going to have to do something before the summer is over about getting this list down a bit," he said. "But, I'm thinking that I will take my official visits during the season and hopefully have something figured out after that."


As to any favorites, you can already anticipate the answer to that question, but Damon did say that while he's not discussing all the conversations he has with coaches, the ones he's got the best rapport with are obviously the teams he likes right now.


He's just hoping that for the rest of his recruiting season, however long that is, more coaches than not will just keep to one philosophy when recruiting him and trying to convey their intentions or goals.


Keep it real.

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