Mike Gee: More than good enough

Some kids don't need to be told they're good, they already think they are. And, if you throw some written offers down on the table, that's it, story is over, they are convinced they are the real deal. Well, thankfully, they aren't all like that, but oddly enough a young man sitting with 20 written offers still wonders if he has what it takes to play at the next level. Well, there's at least 20 schools that have put their confidence in him doing just that, in writing.

Playing for the national high school power Don Bosco Prep last year, Mike Gee was a star, but one of many. Being part of a team that seems to be perennially loaded to the gills, you can still be great and be just part of the group.

Even with this 45 tackles and 6 sacks last year, along with an interception, from the defensive end position while being outstanding in his own right, at Bosco, some might consider that just another cog in this almost unstoppable wheel.

Gee has since his junior year, transferred schools, heading to play for Queen of Peace, citing the convenience of this school's location for his parents versus where Bosco resides.

And yes, Queen of Peace isn't Bosco, but Gee certainly didn't take much of a step down, the "Griffins" winning the non-public school state title last year.

From one champion to another, Gee brings his love of defense and the popularity he's gained with colleges around the country, stemming from his earlier prep-success.

Don't try to convince Gee, though, as this is one kid that has apparently ignored everything he's done up to this point. "I still don't know if I can play at the college level," Gee said. "I didn't think I would ever get an offer and after I got my first one from Rutgers, I figured that was going to be it. But, I've just been real fortunate and schools have liked what they have seen."

What they see is someone that takes from the edge with a passion, because the edge is where he has a passion to play. A quick step left, a swim move round the tackle and it's clear sailing to the QB, bringing the moment to Gee that all defenders long for every instance they are on the field. "It's like everything freezes when you get around that tackle and see that quarterback still with the ball," Mike said. "Sometimes, you think you aren't going to get there, it's taking so long, but you just hope he doesn't get rid of the ball."

Once that moment does happen, Gee will not resort to the antics of the more animated players you see, gyrating, stomping, dancing or whatever it is they do. Mike has a more business-like approach as he walks back, thinking that the next play is just another opportunity to, as he says "line up and do it again.".

The offers are coming, though, and while Gee isn't going to start coming out and regaling everyone with his exploits, due to the increased attention, even he has to admit that offers from schools like Rutgers, Nebraska, Boston College, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Louisville and most recently, Virginia and Virginia Tech, yeah, this kid can play.

Nope, Gee isn't biting. "That's what you don't want to do, get caught up in all that and start forgetting what got you there," he said. "You start believing your own hype, that's when you get lazy and next thing you know, you aren't going anywhere."

Well, Gee is definitely going somewhere after his final season of prep-ball is done, but with all the offers coming in, he's not even close to figuring out just where that is going to be. That said, Mike still figures that this summer is going to be a time for him, where he'll have to narrow things down or the lessons he learned from former teammate and All-American, Brian Toal, will have been for nothing.

"I talk to him once in awhile and I learned a lot about the recruiting stuff from him," Mike said. "About the calls, the coaches, all that, so I have some kind of idea what to expect when the season gets here."

By that time, Mike hopes to have a fairly firm five to ten teams. And, he doesn't care about location, isn't concerned with weather and the team doesn't have to be a national title holder in the last few years. One thing Gee DOES think about, though, is the position he'll play as he said that it's almost 50/50 in the offers between linebacker and his familiar position on the end.

"I want to play end," he said. "I love coming off that edge and there's nothing like that feeling, breaking free, heading to the quarterback. I'd like to be able to do that in college."

No doubt he'll get that chance, everyone officially knowing probably sometime well after his season with Queen of Peace is done. Gee is excited about the idea of playing at the next level, even though he still wonders if he truly has to stuff to get it done.

The nice thing is, Gee has at least 20 places he's got the written offer to do just that, so Gee knows that his opportunity is going to come. "I don't think about it too much, but you think about it," he said. "What it's like to step on the field in front of the biggest crowed you've ever seen."

"That's going to be fun, wherever it is and I'm going to do my best for that team. I just hope it's good enough."

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