Leon Jackson: The Day After

With sensation Marlon Lucky making the grade for the University of Nebraska, the spotlight has been shining on a few select individuals. Another one of Nebraska's stud runningback recruits, Leon Jackson, is one of the prospects under the spotlight. He took his SAT test this weekend, so how did he feel about the exam with it behind him?

Pasco, Washington's Leon Jackson had himself a busy Saturday.  First, he stepped up to take the SAT, a test that could very well determine whether or not he'll attend the University of Nebraska this fall and later on that evening, he was named king of the prom.  Looking back on the test, Jackson feels confident that Cornhusker fans will have a lot to cheer about soon.  "In my eyes, it felt good.  There was a lot of pressure thinking about it but I just tried to do my best and I'm pretty sure I got it," said Jackson.

Jackson said he felt that his performance this time around definitely felt like it showed improvement.  He mentioned that since he's familiar with the exam by now, he was able to go into it with a sense of calm.  "Since I've taken it many times, I've gotten used to it and know how it's going to be.  The first two were pretty nerve-wracking," he said.  Leon said he expects to get the results of the test back around his birthday, June 1st.

Leon isn't just going to sit around and hope for the best when it comes to test results, though.  He's determined to make it to Lincoln one way or another.  "If that plan doesn't work I'm just going to get my grades up, because if I get my GPA up to a 2.6, then I'll be okay.  I'll be focused more on school but when I have free time I'll just be lifting weights and running," he said. 

In looking at what he can improve athletically before he would step onto the field, many Cornhusker fans may be shocked to hear that Leon not only wants to get in better physical condition, he wants to get even faster.  "I'm trying to increase my forty time from a 4.38 to a 4.3 flat.  When I went to Nebraska to visit I was only 195 (pounds), right now I'm pushing 212.  I talked to Coach Wagner and he said 210-212 is a good weight, but I'm trying to get to 215," said Jackson. 

Another hot topic is just where the Cornhuskers plan on sticking Jackson.  He reports that the possibilities are pretty limitless.  "(Coach Wagner) said they've got enough defensive backs, they're going to try me at runningback," said Jackson.  Leon also mentioned the staff plans to give him some time at wide receiver and returning punts and kicks.

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