Sitting on 14 offers, but not thinking about it

Playing line in football takes more than size or athletic ability. While some can pass the eyeball test just by standing in the lunchline, you need to get a better idea of how good a lineman really is in action. More to the point, what kind of attitude do they bring and do they enjoy beating up the guy across from him.

If the game was just on being physical than Matt Carufel would pass with ease. The 6-foot-5 and 288 pound lineman from St. Paul (Minn.) Cretin Durham Hall plays the game with attitude and isn't just content on making the block.

"I think that I am pretty athletic for my size," Carufel said. "I think that I am very good pass blocker which is important for any team to be successful. I am a pretty tough player. I don't just settle for blocking a guy; you have to finish him."

"I like run blocking and pass blocking equally, but I haven't allowed a sack my entire career, knock on wood. I like having people not getting to the quarterback. I am not against knocking someone over to get that touchdown."

The attitude and the effort earned him second team AP All-State honors as a junior as well as his first offers. He is currently up to 14 from some of the biggest football schools in America.

"I am up to 14 offers. They're from Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, Northwestern, Michigan, Michigan State, Miami, Florida, LSU, Washington, Nebraska, Oklahoma and Notre Dame. Iowa was the first to offer. They offered me in like October. I think that the most recent was Oklahoma."

If a program was hoping to get Carufel in this spring or summer to get him thinking about their school then their chance has passed. Despite not even being to the summer yet he has done all of the traveling that he will do to see schools until he takes his official visits.

"I've gone to Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Iowa junior days. I didn't go to Junior day down in Florida, but I stopped in at Miami and Florida. I am not going to do any camps, trips or any combines."

Why the distancing?

"The college stuff is going to be out of my mind. I want to get my team back to the state championship. I am just taking the approach that I am not going to sit and think about it at night. I am going to do just what is best for me and whenever that is that is when I will commit. I am just not going to sit around and think about it."

People have different takes on where Carufel could line up in college to play offensive line. The system that he currently plays in allows him to line up all the way across the line at different positions.

"I play both guard and tackle. We switch around to where we plan to run the ball. We overload a side and if they over-play us we run it the other way or if they don't play it enough then try and stop us."

As for not thinking about college recruiting, well that has sort of technically started for Carufel. He doesn't have a daily top five that is affected by a phone call or an offer. His thoughts about where he will attend college go way past the football field itself.

A lot of people are asking me that and I have a list in my head. Like I said I am not going to sit there and weigh these things like my day-to-day favorite. So there isn't anything official like to come out and say that this is my top five."

"I know that you have to have outstanding academics because at best I am only going to be playing football for 4-5 to 9-10 years. I have to have something that is going help me the rest of my life. I have to go somewhere to get a degree that will get me somewhere. That is most important. I guess I want to play for a championship so I guess that would come in second."

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