OKC defensive tackle now holding NU offer

With Nebraska looking to lose two senior defensive tackles following the 2005 season, the Cornhuskers aren't only looking for quantity in their defensive big men this recruiting cycle, but quality as well. They have identified a young man out of Oklahoma City who would do quite nicely in replacing the talent that will eventually be lost.

When you look at the type of defensive lineman that Coach John Blake appears to have an affinity for, you get the idea that not only does he want his charges to match up well with opposing offensive linemen; he wants them to physically be about dead even, if not bigger.  Gerald McCoy recently picked up his official offer from the University of Nebraska which made him pretty happy considering there was a point where he was unsure that he'd be getting anything from Nebraska again.

"I was happy because at first, Coach Blake came to school and I figured I must be doing real well because he had come to the school before.   He didn't even say anything about offering because at first he came and Nebraska stopped sending stuff, then he finally came back and when I was up there we happened to be maxing that day and he watched me squat. He had a real good look on his face and walked out.  Then he called me last week and let me know he wants to offer me a scholarship," said McCoy.

With an offer from Nebraska in hand and some genuine excitement in his voice, one wonders just where the offer puts the Big Red in McCoy's mind.  "They're going to be on my list, I haven't made one yet, but I'm sure they'll be on there.  They're known for winning, not long ago they were in the national championship game and Coach Blake is a good recruiter and a great coach," said McCoy.  The Cornhuskers have made a good enough impression on McCoy that he says regardless of whether it's an unofficial or an official visit, he will be coming.  "You can write that down," he said.  In addition to Nebraska, he also plans to trip to Miami, USC and Notre Dame.

Nebraska has made a habit of snagging some solid talent from Oklahoma the past couple of years and with the prospect of Gerald on the horizon, a pipeline may end up being laid.  McCoy has an interesting distinction amongst several of the other prospects from Oklahoma this year, however: He was named the MVP of a recent Nike Camp.

 "I was really nervous because I was good in my state and they claim to be the best around.  I went there to go against the best in the nation; I get down there and see all these guys.  In my state, I'm big, but you go to this stuff and everybody's big," said McCoy.  So how did he go about achieving top honors?  "What I did, we stayed in the hotel, we sat down and we prayed and then I just performed to the best of ability," he said.''  Gerald made mention that he's pretty much done with the camp scene as he wanted to get some recognition out of the process and being named the MVP of the Nike Camp did just that.

Nebraska has started up the correspondence once more and has let Gerald know that not only do they request his presence in the capitol city of the Cornhusker State, but they want him to excel on and off the field in the meantime.  "They send me letters just checking on me, telling me to keep my head straight and to keep my head in the books," he said.

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