Tolar Hearing Plenty From Big Red

With the looks he's getting, it's apparent that Ryan Tolar is being touted by many coaching staffs as a top offensive lineman in the Northwest. Find out what the Pasco, Washington offensive lineman has been up to, who has been out to evaluate him and where schools are sitting in terms of his recruitment.

Nebraska's always been a sucker for a quality big man and it appears that they may have found another prospect ripe for the plucking in Pasco Senior High School's Ryan Tolar.  While Ryan mentions that no team has really distanced themselves in recruiting practices, Nebraska is nothing if not persistent in their correspondence.  "I'm getting most of my mail from Nebraska," he said.  Tolar reports that the Cornhuskers have been very interested in keeping him up to date on their routines.  "Coach (Dennis) Wagner sent some stuff, kind of something saying ‘hello', keeping contact.  I get mail talking about the school, the tradition, things they've had in the past, what's going on with the program right now.  Lately it was about the spring game and practices," he said.

Ryan is still at the stage in his recruitment where he wants to see what all is out there and get a lay of the land before he starts narrowing down his choices.  "I'm just looking at a lot of different schools, seeing what everyone has to offer and I want to be 100% sure and not rule anyone out yet," he said.  Several Pac-10 schools have taken the plunge and offered Tolar a scholarship, but the Big XII player in this card game appears to have a few aces up their sleeve.  "Nebraska's a real attractive school, it's rich with tradition.  It's always a strong school to play, that's one of the things that's pretty cool about NU is how dominant they've been," he said.

In discussing recent NFL drafts and the linemen that Nebraska continually puts into the National Football League, Tolar admits that while it's nice to see, it's not the be all and end all.  "It's not really a major factor because after watching the draft, you see guys coming out of schools you've never heard from but it is nice to see schools can produce that type of top player," he said.  Tolar plans to attend the upcoming combine at California where he hopes to hone his skills.  "I wanted to go to one, just to be able to experience one and this was the best date I could get into," he said.

With May evaluations beginning, Ryan has taken notice of a few coaches coming out and checking out his talented Pasco squad.  "I've seen coaches come in," he said.  Tolar reported members of the staffs of Arizona State, Nebraska, Washington State and Washington.  We'll continue to track the decisions and discoveries made by the Pasco mountain of a man as he gets closer towards his senior campaign.

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