Top tight end talks about interest in Nebraska

As Nebraska continues to search for immediate help at the tight end position, a name that has popped up once more is that of Mission Viejo prospect Konrad Reuland. Find out what Konrad has been up to as of late and what his plans are for the next several months along with which coaches have been out to evaluate him.

Konrad Reuland may very well be referred to as one of the finest tight end prospects this country will see during the 2005-2006 recruiting cycle.  That fact alone immediately perks the ears of programs such as Nebraska who are pining for a top quality tight end that could come in and challenge for playing time immediately.  Reuland takes note that while the recruiting has been fast and furious, he can't really nail down one school that's outdoing the rest.

"I don't know if I could pinpoint it onto one school.  I'm still wide open, I have no particular favorites.  I'm going to do a couple out of state official visits.  I'm going to go to Miami, Notre Dame, Nebraska and Ohio State.  I've already visited USC, UCLA, Stanford, all three of those are great schools and I really like them but I don't know if it's fair to say they're my favorite because I haven't seen the others.  Hopefully by the end of summer I'll be able to narrow it down to five or six schools," he said.  Konrad mentioned that he is very excited about visiting Lincoln and seeing what the Cornhuskers are all about.

Nebraska is a school that is becoming known for not only the frequency of their correspondence, but the quantity of it.  According to Reuland, Nebraska is certainly asserting itself through the postal system.  "I get a lot of mail from them, a lot of handwritten, some informational as well.  They talk about how they really want me to be a Husker and that kind of stuff, more personal stuff than the information, because it's directed at me.   They talk about what's going on, how spring went, inviting me down to camps.  They've been talking to me about how I can make an impact," he said.

Reuland will not be taking any trips to a camp due to time constraints with visits and other team-related activities.  With the May evaluations beginning, Konrad and his Mission Viejo teammates have been the apple of the eye of several coaching staffs across the country already.  "Florida State came out and then a lot of the smaller schools came out that weren't necessarily interested in me.  Oregon State was out there, Tulsa, Nebraska, Coach (Bill) Busch was out there but I wasn't at school that day so I missed him, so I was a little disappointed about that.  There are one or two others," he said.

We'll continue to bring you the latest on Konrad as he continues through the summer rigors and marches on towards his senior season at Mission Viejo.

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