New Jersey wideout already with a top five

The list is long and illustrious some of the recruits that have come out of the state of New Jersey. When the hotbeds of finding the best preps usually starts with Florida, Texas and California, New Jersey hasn't fared too bad itself. Amidst the usual compliment of solid athletes coming out of that state this year is wide receiver Andrey Baskin and he might have as many offers as most of the standouts in the state.

There's little you need to know about the ability of one Andrey Baskin if you were to simply look at the fact that he is currently sitting on over 20 written scholarship offers from schools like Michigan, USC, Louisville, Penn State, Nebraska, Iowa, Tennessee and Florida, as they say in Jersey, forget about it, this kid can play.


The stats probably won't tell you the whole story about what Baskin can do as Woodrow Wilson high school runs a shotgun spread, four-wide set predominately throughout the season. The ball gets shared a lot, so the 31 receptions for 8 touchdowns won't tell you the whole tale.


What will, though, is not when Baskin gets the ball, but afterwards, as he says that's when he's at his best. "I like Mike Williams, because I think we play a lot alike," Andrey said of the former USC start wideout. "He can make the catches in close, but is able to do something after the catch. To me, I think that's my style."


Andrey's style fits well with his physique, Baskin standing at just over 6 foot, 4 inches tall, weighing right at 195 pounds. It's the reason he knows that at least right now, there's no bump ‘n run coming his way. "Nobody plays me tight," he said. "They are like eight yards off and I know that someone is coming over, like a linebacker or the safety is playing shallow to my side."


"I know he's got help. I just have to find where it's at."


Well, Andrey doesn't need any help in the attention department, again, his offers well over double-digits and sure to climb higher than that before his summer is even over. That hasn't stopped him from having favorites, though, even this year.


"Right now, I like Florida, Michigan, Iowa, Nebraska and Tennessee," he said. "I can't say I know a ton about every single one of them, but what I have learned I like and each of them looks like they have opportunities for the future."


The opportunities are for him, much like they are for most players out there, i.e., opportunities to play, opportunities to learn and most definitely opportunities to be successful as both an individual and a team. "I want to win, bottom line," Andrey said. "We went 6-4 last year and I know we can do better this year, but I know that when I get to college, I want to go to a place I know we can win some titles."


"It's not like I have to win a national title every year, but it's got to be a program that cares about it and that you can tell is trying to get there every single season."


If you are wondering why Baskin can have a top five already, where some don't even have a top twenty, it's because of those offers that range above the twenty-mark, with the idea that it's only going to increase. That's a distraction that Baskin would like to avoid and he's getting as early a start on it as he can.


"I don't want to think about two things during the season," he said. "Once I am in, I want to think about what it is going to take for us to win every one of our games. I know when I get to college, they wouldn't want me to think about anything other than what it takes to win there, so I have to give that kind of devotion to my last year of high school."


"I want to go to a winner, but I want to go out a winner here."


With that being said, look for Baskin to take his officials after his season, more than likely and look for a decision possibly well after that. With admitting that he hasn't learned a lot about the schools now, he knows that sooner or later, he's going to have to sit down, figure them all out and make sure as to where those official visits will go.


"Nothing is for sure right now, because it's too early," Andrey said.  There's so much to get to know as far as the school, how I get along with the coaches, what style of offense they run, just a lot of stuff and I'll figure some of that out over the summer."


"After that, though, I look at my season, kind of look at how some of those schools I am looking at are doing, but really concentrate on it after my season is done."


"That's when I'll really know what I am doing."

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