Steve Schilling Sweepstakes Heating Up

It's become rather obvious during this stage in the recruiting process that a multitude of programs around the country see Bellevue, Washington's Steve Schilling as a big deal. Big enough to warrant a scholarship offer, that is. Nebraska's been able to work their way into the race for Schilling and appear to be getting his attention, at least for the moment.

It's safe to say that Steve Schilling is a top commodity when it comes to offensive linemen available during the 2005-2006 recruiting year.  Standing 6' 5" and weighing in at 290 pounds, the Washington native has offers from the best of the best: USC, Miami, Michigan, Nebraska, Tennessee, Oklahoma and the list goes on.  It's apparent that to secure Schilling's signature, a school is going to have to put their best foot forward and do to that, you have to be in the race to begin with.

One school that can say they are, in fact, in the race is Nebraska, a school scouring the country for the best and brightest to be a part of second-year Head Football Coach Bill Callahan's west coast offense system.  While Nebraska's appearance in the Schilling Derby is a good start, they've got a lot of work ahead of them as Steve is being recruiting by the majority of the Pac-10 along with the schools mentioned above.  "They're all sending letters.  Probably five of them have been to my school to talk to my coach," said Schilling.  Michigan, Arizona State, Stanford, USC and Nebraska are the five schools that have stopped by.

While Schilling's current knowledge of Nebraska is somewhat limited to what he's had shown to him by the coaching staff, he appears at least somewhat eager to learn more about the Midwestern institution.  "I like them; they've got good tradition every year.  They're always fighting for first place in their league and always going to bowls," he said.  Being in the Pacific Northwest and an offensive lineman to boot, Coach Dennis Wagner has been assigned to recruit Steve.  Coach Wagner has been making sure that Schilling knows all about what Nebraska offers him.  "I've received a couple handwritten from Coach Wagner and a bunch of informational stuff.  There's been more information about the school, graduates, linemen that have gone to the NFL," he said.

Steve is starting to get an idea about where he'd like to visit over the coming months and into the next season.  He reports that he wants to use his time to learn more about places unfamiliar to him so that he can make a truly informed decision.  "I'm going to Michigan in a couple weeks.  I'd like to go to places I've never been such as the Midwest. I want to go to Florida and check out some of the schools in that state," he said.  One thing is for certain: The Steve Schilling Sweepstakes is just starting to heat up.

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