Harris picks up Husker offer, now totaling 13

When you see Sherrod Harris take the snap, drop back and make the throw one word comes to mind: smooth. He has this classic over the top delivery, perfect spiral with nice rotation and good strength in the arm. Then you realize that he is just as smooth running the ball as throwing it.

The 40-time isn't blazing from Harris, but it's good enough for him to keep defenses honest about his ability to tuck it and run it. The quarterback from Arlington (Texas) Bowie high school didn't have the year that he hoped for last year, but he isn't blaming anyone and only wants to improve.

"It was horrible (laughing)," Harris said. "It wasn't what I thought it would be."

"Everything was bad; my season and the team's season. We went 1-9. My stats were horrible, but my sophomore year was great. I had a 62% pass completion percentage, 1700 yards passing, and another 400 yards rushing. I had 17 touchdowns passing and 8 touchdowns rushing. My sophomore year was nice, it was wonderful. My junior year it all went bad."

Despite having a down year last year, Harris is optimistic about this year and actually thinks that last year's experiences could help out this year along with some hard work. "This year is just like every year we say we are going to win. I'm not going to jinx that. I am going to work hard."

Past the down year and not earning a single offer, Harris is regarded as one of the best players in Texas and in the nation. Schools see the potential and the ability with Harris who is a 6-foot-2 and 210 pound quarterback who claims a 4.65 40 time.

"I am up to 13 offers right now. I have one from Texas, TCU, LSU, Oklahoma State, Syracuse, Nebraska, Minnesota, Duke, Kansas, Kansas State, Georgia Tech and one other. I went to the spring game at Georgia Tech and went to the junior day at Texas and Texas A&M."

Harris is looking to make a real name for himself starting this month. He will be trying out for the U.S. Army All-American game later this month in Waco and is working towards a goal of making it to the Elite 11.

"I am going to the Scout.com U.S. Army All-American combine in Waco (May 22), I am going to a camp in Arkansas at Mitch Mustain's school, I am working to go to the Elite 11, going to go to Texas and might try and go to a couple of other one day camps."

With Harris you get a physically solid player who is as good in the pocket as he is scrambling out of it. Defenses will have to respect Harris and his ability to run the football.

"My strengths are that I was blessed with the ability to run. Also it's my mind and the ability to make decisions. I can choose whether I am going to stay in the pocket, where I am going to throw the ball and if I choose to run. The offense relies on my mind and my reads."

Harris is looking for the same type of offense that he is running currently at Bowie. He can see the styles of Texas and Florida State in his current offense. "We run a pro-style offense at Bowie. I would like to run a pro-style offense. We runs so many combinations of the offense."

This spring and summer will be spent working on the arsenal of weapons that Harris has. Looking past his 13 offers and his early pre-season All-American selections he knows that everything can get better. "I am trying to improve my whole game. You can never be polished enough."

Harris is looking at a top three at the moment, but there are some schools that have just offered and some others that are making a hard push to get considered. "At this moment in time I have three that are standing out and they are Texas, Stanford and Georgia Tech. Kansas, Kansas State and Duke are all making a real hard push for me."

"I received the Nebraska offer two weeks ago. I had a chance to talk to Jay Norvell. I had a great time talking to him. He talked about them taking one or two quarterbacks this year. He is a great coach, great speaker."

Nebraska may be a bit too far for Harris who admittedly is taking into consideration his ability to stay closer to his parents and family when he goes to college. "Distance is a big thing to me right now. I will have to sit down and talk to my parents and try and figure things out right now."

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