Could Nebraska Hook Up With Tim Tebow?

Some analysts have referred to Tim Tebow as one of, if not the, finest quarterbacks in the country. Receiving interest from some of the top schools around when it comes to producing a signal-caller, that's hard to argue, but the question has been there about whether or not Nebraska has a shot at the stud from the Sunshine State.

Tim Tebow's name finds itself on the lips of everyone who is looking for a quality quarterback during this recruiting cycle.  It appears that Tebow himself is ready to take it all in and gauge each potential suitor one by one.  "We're listening to what everybody's got to say and respect all of the schools at least one time but be pretty honest with them," said Tebow.  So where does this leave Nebraska in terms of having a shot with Tim?  "I don't think we've come close to narrowing them out of it yet," he said.

When it comes to just what makes Nebraska an attractive location for Tim, it appears that some relationships are being forged and his enjoyment of the tradition and prestige that comes along with the school are in the foreground.  "My dad really enjoyed spending time with Randy Jordan.  I know NU has a great program and they're going to have a great team," he said.  Tebow also mentioned his affinity for the head man at the Cornhuskers' reigns.  "They've got a great coach. Coach Callahan's been in the pro level.  He's been there a short period of time so you've got to give him a chance and his classes have been awesome, so you can tell that he's taking that program to the top," said Tebow. 

When asked about whether or not he feels he could successfully adapt to Coach Callahan's West Coast Offense, Tebow said, "I hope so because a lot of pro teams run it so I hope I can fit in with it."  While Tebow did not commit to taking a trip out to Lincoln in the future, he did say that Nebraska is a school he plans to look very closely at in terms of considering a trip.  A number of schools such as Nebraska, USC, Clemson, Ole Miss and Auburn have come out to view Tebow during his baseball season as it's one of the few times coaches are getting the opportunity to get any contact with the quarterback.

We'll continue to bring you the latest from the Tebow camp as he looks to narrow down his choices in the future.

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