Huskers will get an official from Smith

No rest for the wicked. Literally on the night that Mike Smith was ending his baseball season he was heading into the weight room to get ready for football next year. Now that is dedication. It may be the work ethic and dedication that some schools see when it comes to Smith, but having that 6-foot-5.5 and 230 pound frame doesn't hurt either.

Mike Smith may not have felt particularly good about his baseball season ending not because it did end but because of how. When you know that you were in control of the game and then lose is a bitter pill to swallow. However Mike can look back and say that he got better all season and at the end was on top of his game which led to him leading in three statistical offensive categories.

"Yeah we're done. We actually played pretty good, but we lost our first two playoff games in the last inning," Smith said. "It was horrible. I actually did really well. I started off horrible, but I ended strong. I batted .485 on the year. I had four homeruns and 31 RBIs. I led the team in all of those categories."

"The last two weeks of the season I turned it on because up to that point it was the worst season I had ever played in my life. At the end I really turned it on."

Despite losing just hours before, Mike had turned the page and looked forward to getting back into the gym for football. Less than 24 hours after his last baseball game Smith has been to the gym not just once, but twice.

"I have already been to the gym twice since our last baseball game last night. I want to get into the gym and work out. I am going to the NATS combine this weekend in Las Vegas."

The evaluation period has been going strong for Smith who has been seeing some big name schools come by the school and also call him. Nebraska has called, but hasn't been by the school yet. That will come to an end shortly.

"I am hearing from a couple of people that Coach Blake will be by here to se me in the next week or so. I saw UCLA today, I have seen Texas A&M, LSU Michigan State, UNLV, Cal, Nevada-Reno. I just got off the phone with LSU and have spoke to Texas A&M. I have spoken to Coach Wagner recently from Nebraska."

"I still only have the two offers from UNLV and Nebraska. The schools that have been coming in have just been telling me they want to wait and see. They want me to come out before they do anything."

Holding just the two offers this far, Smith is hesitant to start talking about official visits. He is in a wait and see mode when it comes to naming names, but one school will get one for sure as of today.

"I actually am just waiting to see all of the schools that are interested in me coming out to take an official visit. I will for sure take one to Nebraska. I am supposed to be coming out one of the first weekend. I think it will be my third weekend because we have a bye."

Smith is in a really good situation when it comes to his potential on the field. The Nebraska coaches have indicated that he could play offense or defense at Nebraska, but are leaving it up to him where he would start out.

"They have given me a choice as to what I would play. That is what I got from it anyway. They are going to start me out as a defensive end, but that could easily change with me moving to tight end if they needed. I like it that way just in case something doesn't work out."

During his visit to Lincoln for the spring game Smith had a chance to check out what Lincoln had to offer when it came to football and just to the city in general. Coming from Las Vegas, one might think that he might not find Lincoln as being a place where he could see himself living.

"It was great, I loved it. I went to UNLV's spring game too, but they weren't even close. UNLV had only about three or four thousand there. Their fans at Nebraska stood out. They are crazy about football. The whole town revolves around football. Everything in Nebraska is football and that is what stood out to me the most."

"Yeah, well I would rather be in a little bit smaller town so I can be a bit more focused on school and stuff. It was fun. There are plenty of things to do there. There were a lot of people downtown and that was where everything was happening."

Smith also noted the strong play of the defensive ends that afternoon. Jay Moore and Adam Carriker showed that they can be a dominating pair of ends and Smith noted that both will be seniors next year.

"They looked really good from what I saw. I think that (Jay) Moore and (Adam) Carriker both had a couple of sacks a piece. I really liked watching their play."

While Smith liked what he saw at Nebraska, the Nebraska coaches had to really like what they saw in Smith when he showed up for the visit. "They said I was 6-foot-5.5 and I weighed 228. I had the longest arms of anyone that came in there. They said that I had longer arms than any defensive end they had and longer than most of the offensive lineman."

Setting up official visits for Smith is coming around the corner with one definitely going to Nebraska. As of right now there would be some teams that Smith would have to consider for the remaining four visits.

"I already have the official to Nebraska planned. LSU would be one of my top choices and would be an official I would take. If Cal would show more interest I might go there. Maybe UCLA, but I am not sure about them. They asked me to come to a combine and I tried to call them and they never answered the phone. Texas A&M would probably be one that I would go to and UNLV I might go to. That might change and it really depends on who comes in. If USC came in I would probably go there to check it out."

In talking to Smith, it is pretty clear that he might like to go to school in California if he is given that chance. USC is definitely a team that he would like to go and take a look at. However, there is some doubt to Smith about getting a chance to play if he actually went there. "I would just want to go there to see, to check it out, not that I think that I am good enough to go and play there."

"I know myself that I am good enough to play anywhere when I put my mind to it. I know that I have a good enough work ethic. It just depends on who is going to give me a chance and who isn't. I know that Nebraska would give me a chance. They all sounded really confident in me."

As for leaders right now, Nebraska really stands out to Smith. If the recruiting process were to end today with the hometown school having offered with Nebraska the distance would not play a factor in his decision under today's circumstances.

"Nebraska would be number one right now. They are also recruiting me the hardest with UNLV. Unless something dramatically changes I would go to Nebraska over UNLV. I would like to go to California but you have to go wherever it will help you get along to where you want to be in the future."

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