Huskers latest to offer Stewart

There is nothing fun about rehab, especially when you know that you could be out there playing, getting better and making your teammates better. A strained back has kept Christopher Stewart from getting out and doing his spring practices and conditioning with his team, but it hasn't kept the schools away during evaluation time.

Christopher Stewart sounded stressed. Stressed not in a way of being on the gridiron and slapping some defensive lineman around, but mentally stressed. Then he mentioned the end of the school year and getting his work done for the classroom.

"Just doing homework," Stewart said. "We have about a week and a half left. It's finals time. I'm ready to be done."

Teams from all over the country have been making the trip down to Klein (Texas) to check out the 6-foot-5 and 360 pound tackle. Last year Stewart had 50+ pancakes on the season and is benching nearly 400 pounds, squats 500, power cleans 275 and has a 26" vertical jump.

"Evaluation period has been going good. There has been pretty much a school out there everyday. Basically all of the schools that have offered me, except for LSU, have been to see me."

"Texas, Texas A&M, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State and a lot of others have been there to the school. I'm not sure if Nebraska has been there or not. I have had rehab with my back so I haven't been there all of the time."

The back problem isn't a concern that schools will need to dig into a lot to see how serious it is. It's only a muscle strain, but a strain to any part of the back usually means that you aren't doing much of anything for a while.

"It's more of a muscle strain. Doing a lot of core training, which is good. In the end, this could work out to my benefit. I needed to work on my core strength and this will get me going."

The offer list is in the double-digits and climbing with his latest offer coming from the Big Red of Nebraska. The popularity for Stewart will only continue to grow for the tackle that isn't just ready for college, but is large enough for the pros.

"I am up to 15 or 16 offers. I am not really sure who all has offered. There is Texas, Texas A&M, Oklahoma, LSU, Ole Miss, Notre Dame, Purdue, Nebraska, UTEP and a bunch of others. UTEP offered a couple of weeks ago and Nebraska just offered last week."

Out of the leaders there are some schools that are standing out to Stewart. He has had some time to sit back and think about what his potential leader board might read. However, he isn't about to go and start talking about those teams just yet to anyone.

"I have been thinking about a couple of schools. Nobody that I want to come out and announce are my leaders though. There are new schools coming in all of the time."

As of right now things are in a holding pattern with Stewart. There were plans to hit some combines and turn some more heads against some of the top talent in Texas. However, this injury will keep him out of everything at least to June and maybe into July.

"My combine plans now are really on hold with my back. I probably won't be able to go to a combine unit June or July and a lot of combines are running right now. I am going to hit some camps at some schools like Texas and Texas A&M."

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