Jared Norton Claims Co-Leaders

Jared Norton provides the country with a pretty solid linebacker prospect to chew on and while several schools have been recruiting him very hard, it appears that a few are starting to distance themselves from the pack. Is Nebraska one of these schools and just where do the Cornhuskers stand in Jared's eventual plans?

The recruitment of Jared Norton has been hot and frenzied according to the linebacker out of Rowlett, Texas, but a few schools in have started to distance themselves from a pretty decent-sized pack.  Texas, Texas A&M, Oklahoma State, Iowa, LSU and Nebraska are some schools that are making headway with Norton who mentions that Iowa and LSU have both recently coming into the race, but are coming on strong.

When it comes to picking a favorite at this point, Jared's decision was made with folks relatively close to home.  "I know that A&M and Texas are tied for my top one and then I'd say LSU or Oklahoma State, then any of the Florida schools, all the ones I'm looking at," said Norton.  Jared also has an interesting ultimatum out for any schools waiting to offer him: If you haven't offered by the end of this month, Jared is not even going to consider you. 

So what sticks out about the two Texas schools that cause them to be tied for the number one spot in Jared's eyes?  "I like both of the programs, I've already been down there and met players and coaches. I like Coach (Dennis) Franchione and Coach Mack Brown a lot," said Norton.  Jared has actually been to both the A&M and Longhorn campuses three times each.  He also mentioned that being close to home was a nice factor, but isn't a make or break deal with him.

With a top two apparent, one might wonder where this leaves Nebraska.  Norton said that he plans to start narrowing things down pretty soon in terms of out of state schools considered.  "I'm going to wait and see until the end of May and I'll make my decision on which schools out of state I'm going to visit this summer," he said.  Speaking of the summer, that's just when Norton plans to make his decision and, according to Norton, once his decision has been made, it is final.

Nebraska has sent their newest staff member along to recruit Norton and it appears that things are going pretty smoothly in that realm.  "I talked to Ted Giolmore on the phone.  He's a nice guy.  They tell me about the school, the great atmosphere how Nebraska's the main attraction in the state with no NFL team and how they're rebuilding for the future," said Jared.  Norton plans to visit Oklahoma State within the next couple of weeks citing an affinity for Coach Mike Gundy.  "He came to my school, he seemed like a good guy," said Norton.

Jared's talents haven't only brought scholarship offers, but a wave of coaches to come out and see if he passes the old eyeball test.  "Arkansas, Kansas, they came by even before my junior season started, Notre Dame, North Carolina, they just started coming by, Alabama, Kansas State, Nebraska, they've been by too already," said Norton.  Who will make Norton's final cut list?  Will the Cornhuskers be included on his out of state visit plans?  We'll keep in touch with Jared and find out the answers as the recruiting trail wears on.

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