Hickman's Husker Life Soon To Be Realized

With the addition of Billy Graue to the team over the past couple of days, it appears that Nebraska's depth at the offensive line position is getting at least a bit better in terms of getting bodies in place to make things happen. One young man who hopes to come in and contribute to Nebraska's fine string of offensive stalwarts is Jacob Hickman. Find out what he's been up to lately and when he'll make it into town.

When Jacob Hickman was signed as a member of the Cornhusker program, many fans saw him as a project, someone as a definite redshirt to gain more weight at the very least.  While Hickman may, indeed, redshirt, it appears his weight is no longer the issue it once was.  "The goal that myself and the coaches have set was to get at 270 pounds and I'm at 263 now so that's not much of a problem," he said.

Jacob has been doing his best to train himself in the best way possible to prepare himself for his new life as a Cornhusker, a life that will be upon him in a matter of months.  "I've been working real hard, working out a lot, running, doing everything I can to be ready for when I get out there," said Hickman.  Speaking of his arrival, it appears that Hickman will be arriving during what is typically a pretty toasty time in the Cornhusker State.  "The plan is about the week after the fourth of July.  I would go up sooner but they're going to have a week off for the fourth," he said.

In speaking with Hickman, it's apparent that he is in this program for the long haul.  He has a very teachable demeanor and always seems to be interested in learning how to become better as the days progress.  He was able to take a lot away from his 2005 Spring Game experience as well.  "It was a real awesome experience, just to see how many fans were there and how everything is for a spring game just to help grasp how things were going to be when I get there.  I was impressed with Zac (Taylor) and will do everything to encourage him," said Hickman.

While there's a lot to adjust to as a new member of the Cornhusker family, Jacob can't really pick just one part he's looking forward to the most.  He's just going to sit back and enjoy the experiences as they come.  "There's going to be a different experience, life away from home checking out what that's like, getting ready for the environment, looking forward working with Coach (Dave) Kennedy and the staff, they're a whole list of things I'm looking forward to doing," he said. 

Many amongst the Big Red throng can't wait to see what Jacob and his classmates are capable of.  Luckily, the wait won't be too much longer.

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